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  1. Oops forgot the closeup! Also, bye to that ugly whale tail that followed us all week.
  2. Back in San Juan post best-cruise-EVER and sad to see my sweet angel waiting in port to set off again WITHOUT ME! Booo! Will finish off this blog in the following days! In other news, the Caribe Hilton is amaaazing! Had a great day exploring El Yunque and Luquillo post disembarkation. (10 minutes from room to cab with self assist!! ) More on PR later!
  3. Day Four Antigua and Barbuda Today was our first and only excursion through RC. I do like that you get to meet on board before disembarking! People on vacation have no sense of urgency.. walking into a 9:00 meet time at 9:20 with no apologies?! hahah ruthless. Same for the muster, twenty minutes late and the whole Star Lounge is waiting on you! Loved the excursion: See Antigua by Sea. About 50-100 people on the motorized catamaran Excellence, circumnavigating the entire island. We stopped to pick people up at Dickenson bay and for lunch on Green Island! We also got to
  4. Day Three St. Kitts and Nevis! We had a shore excursion via Annie’s Caribbean Tours to Cockleshell Beach on the southern side of the island. We went with another couple in a nice van operated by Joe who was the best and taught us a lot about growing up on the island on our drive there. We stopped at Sir Timothy Hill along the way for the gorgeous two ocean view and some roadside rum punch and Caribs! The excursion came with chairs and cocktails once down on Cockleshell at Reggae Beach. We also rented a jet ski while we were here through St. Kitts Watersports. My first time, I loved
  5. Day One (Part II) Oops! Fallen a bit behind due to lack of Voom strength in the cabin. Magen’s Bay was beautiful and so relaxing. We snagged an open air taxi outside of the Pueblo after picking up some beach cocktail supplies and saved $2 pp over the Crown Bay price not a five minute walk back to the port. At the top of the hill our taxi driver did need to stop and add oil to his truck but this was a perfect beer opening and photo opportunity. After getting back to the ship around 4 we headed to the Solarium for some swimming and drink package usa
  6. Day Two! Good morning from St. Thomas! Today is our no strict schedule day so we are lazily rising as we dock at Crown Bay. I assumed we’d be docking at the other side of Charlotte Amalie at Havensight so we will see how taxi prices compare over to Magen’s Bay in a bit! Had my first taste of morning Windjammer and understand why some people stay far from here. haha The size of this logo is very impressive Ready to start the day! With my nerd necklace that I always tried to remember to remove the second we got off.
  7. Just set sail a bit ago and recently returned to the cabin with a final cocktail for the night as we are running on about 1-1.5 hours sleep since 6am PST Saturday. Hopefully sleeping early tonight will reset my internal alarm for early natural rising on AST! The clouds here are unreal Aft port panorama
  8. Day One Embarkation Day! Popped straight over to the ship after arrival this morning to drop off all our bags and then we headed to Old San Juan with CBF's mom for some exploring. We walked down Fortaleza (unfortunately still no kites or umbrellas above the street), saw Castillo del Morro and stopped at a few bars along the way back by Carnival Fascination in the other port. What a beautiful city! Reminds me a loooot of Honolulu from the architecture and flora. 3 drinks in and waiting for muster! VACATION!! Looking back towards La Perla
  9. You guuuuuys! You could see her upon arrival waiting for us!
  10. Greetings from Miami! IT’S CRUISE DAY! Leaving for San Juan in an hour. Zero days till we go on the cruuuiiiseee 🏝 and I am so excited!! Leaving Miami time-lapse IMG_9749.mov
  11. One day to go!! I am in the waiting place today since our flight is so late, so I spent the morning at the zoo to relieve pre-travel waiting anxiety! Here are the San Diego Zoo stars of the day. Sadly, the baby hippo Tony got sent off to another zoo when he reached 1 year (he has been the star of the day countless times). Finally not all asleep! Ibex cave hangout (he fought off two baboons to claim his space) C1283169-9E36-48A2-98DB-3C0B4DBFDE2B.MOV
  12. As a test of uploading images from my phone, I bring you my first cruise souvenir from ‘98, still proudly displayed on my vacation magnet-laden fridge. Do they still make these? I will have to get a Freedom magnet!
  13. They feel to me like a combination of the two because they are super soft and thin like Turkish (and the sand falls right off) but made of a nicer microfiber than I am used to feeling. They are super absorbent so you're dry immediately and hung to dry, the towel dries again in minutes, too! I used them for swimming in the Grand Canyon (which I do not recommend) and everyone else who was on the raft air-drying were asking about them.
  14. JOE THAT IS MY FAVORITE SCENE! My mom and I quote it all the time. She used to pull sh*t like that when I was a kid and I would get so embarrassed. I am not quite at her level of retired income (she makes more than I do and I have a JOB) but one day I, too, will forego the hauling! Oh, and yes! It's super light! As are the towels and floaties.
  15. 3 days to go! I have been thinking about packing for this cruise since I booked it! I started my iPhone note list that long ago and it has grown steadily to 80+ line items since then. I only ever travel with a carry on suitcase and a second, smaller carry on for under the seat (22” Samsonite and a Lo & Sons Deluxe Tote) so fitting all the stuff we’ll need between that and CBFs carry on is going to be a feat. I go on a LOT of beach vacations and am always shocked at the amount of people who packed like they were going somewhere completely different. Really? You’re headed to the be
  16. I like cruise mapper if I am looking at a specific ship! They list the itineraries through 2021 so you can scroll the list and find the dates or route you want.
  17. 5 days to go! Today my boyfriend’s mom (hmm should I refer to him as CBF? for cute, haha, dear is too formal) let us know she’s got a family birthday on embarkation day and wont be joining us for El Morro/OSJ crusin’ before boarding. We were discussing dropping bags at the Pan American Pier and ubering to OSJ for a mid morning frolic and I mentioned that we’d have to taxi from the airport and then could uber from the port as they can’t pick up at the airport. He said “thanks for looking that up” and I got to say “oh actually, that’s just something I knew offhand from my months of c
  18. Vodka, water, splash of pineapple or cranberry is my go-to. Refreshing and hydrating at the same time! When I asked for this in New Orleans the bartender guys kept saying "oh so you want a vodka cranberry?" nOOoo no, I want a vodka water WITH a lil cranberry. They could not understand why I wanted any water. Maybe it's a CA thing?
  19. Has anyone done this sailing that was up and paying attention the night between Antigua and St. Lucia? According to the itinerary map on cruisemapper.com, we're gonna sail right through the center of Guadeloupe? On other itinerary maps I have seen, we go around the outside. Even when you zoom in, they're very specific about how we're gonna squeeze right through there!
  20. Exactly! I had also searched for flights from San Diego directly to St. Lucia (the pitons have been calling to me) but the flight alone would've sucked up most of the vacation budget! Awesome. One day I will make it to B2B status!
  21. Hah! I was singing it this morning at 6:15! Also I just realized I didn't correctly tag you above but you are my reason for wanting to produce a break-even drink report each day. I am truly interested to see how my list stacks up since I basically only drink water and liquor.
  22. It’s nearly time! I feel like I have waited for yeeears to set off on my first cruise as an adult! (It’s been… 84 years… ) In reality, I haven’t had to wait all that long as the days between booking and embarkation maxed out at 146 days. Now it’s down to just SIX days! The saddest part was that I had three vacations to go on between then and now and the poor Grand Canyon and Puerto Vallarta did not get the travel-obsessing they deserved. In March, my boyfriend and I were looking into different trips we could take for our birthdays this August (on the 22nd and 25th) and as a Puerto Rican h
  23. The clouds look so amazing in all of these! That is one of the many things I am looking forward to seeing. Gorgeous cloud pics are my weakness! Did you ride anything at Thrill or just go in for the early morning photos?
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