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  1. I got a new Thomas Brothers every year from driving age till maps went out of fashion! San Diego was always getting new streets/neighborhoods added in the late 90's/early 00's and it was so exciting to open a fresh one. hahah
  2. As shocking as this may seem, I don't think your post is gonna get a lot of action as we've known this for 2+ weeks! haha
  3. I got up to freshen my cocktail and lo and behold! Eclipse was at the closest possible spot to my apartment, the Dole loading dock! I have never seen anything other than Dole ships here (Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific) so it was shocking and I had to run out for a pic. Celebrity Millennium is featured in the background at anchor. I can see crew members on the balconies!
  4. Current pricing for my 3 cruises: Nov 2020 $44/day Jan 2021 $53/day April 2021 $71/day Jan 2021 JUST came down from $89 during the Memorial Day/current sales so I assume April will drop soon, too!
  5. Some of my favorites from my most recent Royal cruise. Freedom waiting for us in San Juan, August 2019 Freedom docked in St. Thomas Lovely Magens Bay Breakfast Beers in St. Lucia George F.L. Charles Airport in St. Lucia Lush El Yunque in Puerto Rico Folkstone Marine Park Barbados
  6. I've only ever carried on my luggage since I started vacationing as an adult 15 years ago.. soo much easier to know the bag is right there with you! Also, if its over 50lbs it's no ones problem except my own.
  7. haha! I have found that a Vitamin Water from the Windjammer guy mixes perfectly with vodka for port-day cocktails.
  8. Adding Jamaica is opening June 15th! I have a land vacation to Montego Bay in August so I have Google alerts on Jamaica + International Travel.
  9. Oh wow! I have gotten a state discount on 3 of the 4 cruises I have booked.. Royal really wants Californians leaving from FLL, I guess. Gonna start plugging in my C&A number even as a lowly Gold. I have never even tried it!
  10. I received mine but after an hour and a half on hold I decided there would be future sales with equivalent sale prices and gave up! Haha $52 for Booze/Voom combo is soooo so nice I was toying with just paying for it and using my OBC for a 2021 cruise. JUST what Royal wants to hear! Make using the "free" money they gave us just hard enough that I use new, fresh reeeal money.
  11. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/explorer-of-the-seas/deck-plans/2001/13 According to the deck plans, there is a water slide duo on deck 13!
  12. Agreed on all of this AND crispy bacon.. if I am served/only offered glistening, flimsy bacon, I would rather have none at all. cook those bad boys LOW N' SLOW
  13. I just don't see how wearing a mask is a dealbreaker. You're choosing staying home over having a vacation merely because a piece of fabric may have to be lightly attached to your face? If you have a well fitting mask, it shouldn't fog your glasses (I wear glasses every time, sometimes 2 pair if it's sunny, NERD ALERT) and with a light enough fabric, breathing easily shouldn't be an issue. If it helps us all stay safer and greatly lessens spread via moisture, why not wear one? I do it to keep others around me safe, not because I like the way it looks or feels. Wearing a mask in a public v
  14. Hah!! Thanks so much, I saw that bullet and was thinking of it as "Oh, I can use it up until the last night of the cruise."
  15. Speaking as a Californian, I regularly park hop Disneyland+CA Adventure in one day and Universal Hollywood in one day. It's easily doable to see and do everything in all 3 parks in 2 days time, so I would definitely do the 7-night on Harmony! BUT I have never been to the muuuch larger parks in FL so what do I know!? Maybe if you choose one Disney park only?
  16. So let's say I go ahead and use my new 125% credit for the DBP and UDP now since it covers and they go back on sale later, can I still cancel and get the OBC back and repurchase with it as usual?
  17. Damn, I checked yesterday and all the sale prices were still there so I left my cart. Today I get my 125% OBC in my inbox and the sale prices are gone! I seeee a correlation here...
  18. I would absolutely be on board pre-vaccine and even if they do stipulate masks in common areas (aside from while actively eating, I guess). I have been wearing a mask on intensive, daily 4-mile dog walks since early April, I am ready for the slide stairs!
  19. I was originally traveling to England and Ireland this year and had looked into this, too! Once I saw how long it was to Holyhead on the train I was researching flying instead and the Irish Aer Lingus flights are pretty cheap!
  20. Hi Raye! Do you know if I booked an April 2021 cruise now and knew I wanted to L&S to 2022, does the final payment on the booking still go by the original due date (which would make sense?) or does it shift to the payment due date for the new cruise? I really really need to get the ABCs on my vacation list but the 2022 Freedom prices are $1,200+ than the same cabin category in 2021!
  21. I, too cannot figure out my FCC. I opted in to 125% FCC from the second round of cancellations (sailing May 3). My cruise was $1279 including taxes and port fees. We received $302 each and no refunded taxes or port fees. How is $604 anywhere close to the $1279 I had paid? Let alone a value OVER 100%.. I called this evening and finally got through to a Royal rep who confirmed that my automated FCC looked messed up. She said she would be forwarding the discrepancy to the "back end team," apparently an FCC department of sorts, and I should receive additional FCCs in my inbox soon. I re
  22. yes! our cruise was $1279 total and we both received $302 and no refunded taxes or port fees as of now. I was hoping for at LEAST $1000 FCC for what we paid. Guess I should be calling since I deserve the taxes and port fees at least!!
  23. Has anyone received their 125% FCC and was extremely shocked by the low value? How is it that we received only 50% of the original booking price that I paid in full? I know the taxes and port fees come out (where do they go? we just lose that?) but I was expecting to get back at least 100% of what I had paid in FCC between the two of us. $600 won't pay for 1/3 of our replacement cruise.
  24. Hah, I do like this line of thinking. YOU try it first, Mikey! Also, I just noticed your avatar is strong bad, it's been so long since I thought of ol' homestar and the gang!
  25. Are you getting the 125% FCC or just 100%? on $1338.47 - $100.97 (taxes/port fees) = $1237.50 x.25 = 309.37 309.37+1237.50=$1546.87 in FCC for person 1 with the 125% FCC deal as far as I know. I can't figure out where you're getting 1255 and 496 from though so I might be way off!!
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