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  1. For Port Canaveral we used an off-site parking vendor (Park N Cruise) several times with good experience and a big discount compared to parking directly at the port. Might be worth considering
  2. I'm 4 days to sail and just got an acceptance! Yay- upgrade to Owner's Suite. I'm so happy we'll have extra room. (4 people in any cabin always feels like a lot)
  3. Did they email you to let you know you didn't get the upgrade? I just bid for an upgrade Friday for our sailing this coming Sunday. No word yet...
  4. Thanks everyone! Got the email yesterday evening and am feeling much less frazzled now.
  5. My daughter and I are booked for the zip line in Labadee (next week!) but I'm concerned about the State Department's travel advisory for Haiti (Level 4- do not travel). How far out of the fenced area will we be traveling and what precautions might be in place to ensure safety during travel?
  6. We travel with our kids and have multiple devices per person (although they are rarely used as much on vacation). I purchased a Poweroni 6 port charging station to use at home and for cruising. It's pretty (which matters more at home) and has separated bays to keep the devices organized while charging. Probably only worth the money if you will also use it at home. But a multi-port USB charger of some kind is a must.
  7. We are sailing Sky Class GS1 on Harmony of the Seas 4/14 and I haven’t gotten a welcome email from the concierge yet (6 days out). Did RC stop doing this? I wanted to ask about a cabana at Labadee so I called to ask if I would get a welcome email and the CSR I spoke with couldn’t/didn’t differentiate between the concierge and the Royals genie which I know is for Star Class. Any ideas? Thanks
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