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  1. Harmony in September has been 49 or 52. On the bright side, refreshment package is at $20, which is a pretty good deal IMO. $10 a day over the refreshment package. worth it for the bottled water and a mocktail or 2 per day. If some rum appears in my shampoo bottle and finds its way into that mocktail... so sorry!
  2. I have to agree, if I roll up to the little cart outside the theater for a heineken, I have a hard time justifying a >18% tip. Not to be that person, but theres no chance for a tip to benefit me in this situation. he cant overfill my beer, he cant follow up with me for the next one. If I order a daquiri in the solarium from a person walking around, that is a bit different.
  3. do roommates have to check into the cruise at the same time? otherwise, if they let you on, how can they know he wont check in later? and if he didnt... are they gonna come drag you off the ship?
  4. cruising in September, there was a half day pass available for ~$39-42 I think. Now it only shows full day for $52. given that we were only there 8-4, half day was perfect for lazy sleepers... perhaps too perfect so they yanked it? is it gone from other cruises too?
  5. I dont think RCL cares if thats your concern. checked bags on the airline dont care either. if your carrying it on a plane, then yeah, it would present an issue.
  6. I wonder how closely bartenders look at the pictures. it seems almost as if you have the gender and skin color, youre probably getting served.
  7. another use case... RCL hoses single occupancy with 90+% of the cost of dual occupancy, but gives no such break for 3rd and 4th occupants... so if you do have a single occupant in your group, stick an extra kid in their room and you'll save a chunk. and yeah, splitting kids up into different rooms to isolate drinking adults also serves. With newer ships having bracelets, its a good excuse to have 2 keys also.
  8. and hope they correctly identify your average bet and number of hands played. I know they use a light sensor with a chip to count craps, but in my time at the table, there were definitely instances where they forgot to do it. sometimes they would flip it a few times to make up for the time they missed, sometimes not.
  9. thats fair, but yeah, someone else did the math, I think they said its like $5 to get 1 point in slots, need 2,500points for Prime. So you have to wager $12,500 in slots to get prime (supposedly). If you take the 10% house edge on such a wager, you would expect to lose $1,250 to make Prime. The points per dollar varies with the game most likely, so something like black jack or craps with a lower house edge would require a larger wager per point. Ultimately, the calculation is going to be based on how much you are statistically expected to lose for a given wager. my email just show
  10. shoes and formal night are the burden. Theres no good way to make a suit jacket and leather dress shoes NOT eat up space. just remember, no one else is keeping track of what you've previously worn. 1 formal outfit, 1 or 2 casual outfits, 2 swim outfits, 3 shoes (dress, athletic, sandal)
  11. it can be useful to put drinkers in the same room, if say it was 2 couples and only 1 of each couple wants the drink package, put those 2 in a room and they can get the drink package.
  12. if you pour it yourself (generally in your room) theres no fee, they have glasses, or bring your own if you prefer. sometimes... theres something a bit more deliberate in those wine bottles... that might mix well with an inexpensive soda package...
  13. you're automatically enrolled it seems. I never did anything, but received my email today saying Im "choice". You have to gamble a pretty good amount to hit Prime, you can be confident that it would be less expensive to buy the deluxe beverage package, pay the 5% (or gamble with cash), AND buy an interior stateroom than to just gamble to make it to that tier. Unless you take A LOT of cruises (where the alcohol cost could add up)
  14. never quite got this. I understand the "rules" of blackjack, but statistically... wouldnt that person that hits or doesnt hit when they arent or are "supposed" to have an equal chance of taking or leaving the card you do or dont want? Obviously gamblers fallacy and all that, you only remember when they screw you, but statisticlly arent they just as likely to help you, assuming the next card has equal probability of being good or bad for you, and 1 card does not significantly change that probability.
  15. maybe its obvious, but you can just pay with cash in the casino. I only allow a few hundred per trip for gambling, so not too concerned with security of my cash, I guess if your a high roller bringing several thousand, you might prefer an electronic option.
  16. I just swapped room occupants between 2 rooms. RCL was happy to do it, but realized I booked through expedia so they sent me to them Expedia was also happy to do it, took maybe 15min on the phone. There were a few rules though... at least 1 person from the original booking had to remain in the original room (cannot completely swap rooms). And there *could* be repricing. In our case, they either waived the repricing or there was none (I suspect they waived it). So it didnt cost a dime, swapped 2 people between 2 rooms, easy peasy, showed up in cruise compass within a minute.
  17. I guess I was naively thinking the island was "all inclusive". but yeah, this is a lot, kind of parking you on an island with little to do but spend money. I guess it is often an incremental stop, so on other cruises, it would just be a cruise day.
  18. Question is in the title, but to clarify, we want to be able to select dining reservations and purchase drinks, wifi, ect. Will all of that stuff link up with RCCL even if we buy through Expedia? Doesnt seem to be asking for our RCCL account info, so was not sure how it would make the connection. As best I can tell, expedia and RCCL are the same price for the cruise, but Expedia has an additional $200 OBC for cruises over 2k and $300 for over 3k. Thats pretty significant...
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