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  1. Can the suite concierge reserve before we board. Is no, is it possible to visit the suite lounge upon boarding to have them place the reservations?
  2. I have used mine as payment towards my cruise in the past. When you sign on to the website there are rewards you can select. We have selected both payment and OBC boxes at different times for cruises. For payment I always try to make sure I redeem 8-10 weeks before payment is due. When it shows up, my final payment is reduced by that amount. The redemption selection for this is $500 or less but to cash out $1000 you can choose $500 twice. Same for on board credit. You can select different amounts to satisfy the amount you prefer.
  3. This brings such hope! Fingers crossed and thank you!
  4. We are sailing 1/5/2023 on Oasis and the only dining plan available to purchase thus far (and I have checked regularly since I booked last summer) is the 3 night dining plan. On all my previous cruises the UDP has always been available. Anyone else have a cruise where the UDP has just never been available for purchase? I am crossing my fingers that I am just being impatient and they will eventually sell the UDP. I have purchased the 3 day dining plan since its the only one that has become available, and I will cancel if the other appears on my cruise planner.
  5. I keep checking for Perfect Day cabanas and beach beds to post to Cruise Planner for purchase to no avail. It seems that as we near the 6 month period, I get more and more inpatient. Anyone else?? I also have been checking for an unlimited dining plan but the only thing available is the 3 day. I have purchased that, just in case and will cancel and repurchase the unlimited if offered, but this is my first cruise I have not seen it offered on.
  6. I have found that it is only offered on day 2 and 3 of the sailing as a special and then often will disappear as an option. We waited to long on a sailing (wanting to make sure we got our $35 worth) and the sale went away and we paid a per item fee for the items we wanted washed.
  7. When booking on board, your deposit is only $100. With all the nonrefundable deposit regulations, I have always seen this as a major benefit. Something to consider.
  8. I second the Twitter sugge. I’ve had good luck messaging them through Twitter. If they can’t find out the answer right away they usually message pretty quickly to tell me they are working on getting me an answer.
  9. I had that happen on a cruise in January in Cozumel. I noticed it because I would check frequently for better prices. Eventually the “we’re sorry but we had to cancel your excursion” email came . My fingers are crossed for you, that it is an IT glitch and nothing more.
  10. In January 2023 our cruise will visit St Kitts/Nevis. If you’ve visited there, what were some of your favorite excursions?
  11. I second the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins in Costa Maya. A very nice set of ruins without having to travel too awfully far.I believe it took us about 45 minutes to an hour to get there on a paved highway!
  12. In January we sailed on Oasis on our first post pandemic cruise. We found one of the best RCL Employees at the Suite Lounge bar, Edgar. Such a kind personable soul. Our hats go out to him. We are crossing our fingers he remains until our next Oasis cruise, this upcoming January!
  13. My at home emed email results contained a CLIA logo with a Lab Director signature.
  14. We sailed Ovation prior to Covid, and when dining in Coastal Kitchen, noticed similar type waiting. I agree it is a matter of where they must go to get the drinks. Loved ordering drinks in Coastal Kitchen on Oasis as the suite bar is right there and things were very quick.
  15. As another suggested, you may want to price internet for 4 devices under your room instead of purchasing 1 device per person. It is generally much cheaper per device, especially 4 devices. Unfortunately under the new cruise planner you can not see the price until it is in your cart. You can always remove it once you see the price. Select chosen package, select just one name, select 4 underneath name. After you select 4 you will see the price for 4. It will be the total amount but you can see difference just by dividing by 4 and the number of days and that will give you the new pp per day price. For example I have a 10 day cruise Jan 2023: For 1 device it is 23.99 pp per day but for 4 devices it is 18.99 pp per day after the math! This may help when considering the value of the Key.
  16. Same happened to me in January. I received the email but never showed in my app. My husband had both app and email. I did the same as you and called and tried to have it put in app. I worried! All was just fine. We both printed our emailed results and just showed them at check in. It was fine. They literally looked for 3 things: name, date, results.
  17. Yes, a large thank you to the excellent ArriveCAN explanation. We will fly from US to Vancouver (ArrCAN required for that). But afterwards we will cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii and wondering since we don't begin and end in Vancouver or begin in Alaska and touch Canadian soil whether we will need a second ArriveCAN clearance for the ship.
  18. This would be different and you could even personalize them with a small sticker with dates, itinerary or names. What a fun tradition you have started.
  19. It stayed on Eastern time if I remember correctly and I guess I did not have an issue until we got to Costa Maya (I think). I was not paying attention to the time announcement and went by what my phone had switched over to because I had my phone on wifi. The ship time was an hour ahead of what I had, making people who had purchased the excursions late if they failed to go by ship time. Fortunately we were sailing Star Class and the Genie arrived to walk us off the ship at the correct time. We were not ready as we thought we still had an hour but hustled up and were just a few minutes late. There was another couple on the excursion that also made the same mistake and we ended up waiting for them about 45 minutes. I believe due to their lateness they were tracked down on the ship as they came running to the excursion!! Weird experience as I didn't remember this ever happening to us before. From now on I will pay closer attention and ask my steward . I also think it is mentioned in the nightly newsletter in your cabin and in the APP.
  20. As others have said, there will be an announcement as to when the ship is cleared and you can exit. Because our phones automatically set themselves to the current time zone, that is not always in sync with ship time. We found this to be an issue on our last cruise. We waited over 45 mins for a couple late for an excursion because they were using local time and not ship time!!! When you leave the ship, you will need to take a photo ID with you as well as your SeaPass card. Have this with you so you don't wait to disembark and then have to go back to your room to retrieve your ID. Another lesson learned the hard way. Happy Sailing
  21. Ovation actually has an indoor pool area that you will find is used. They also have an outdoor pool area if you like. The adult solarium on the Ovation is my favorite solarium on any class ship.
  22. I love this. Thanks for passing this little gem along!
  23. Try messaging them on Twitter. I have found I get an answer fairly quickly on there and if they don't know the answer, they will message me and tell me what steps they are attempting to get the answer for me.
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