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  1. Thank you for so much wonderful information on this thread. We are looking to do the Water Taxi before our cruise. Which stop would be best to grab a bite to eat, possibly on the water with our 6 and 9 year old boys? Thank you!
  2. Is access to the gym (I am an elliptical user) included with the cruise price? Is it open 24/7 or only certain hours? Are the classes mentioned above an added cost (spinning, etc.?) Do they carry Splenda on board?
  3. What would you suggest doing once having the rental car around Ft. Lauderdale? We'll probably have about 7 hours between getting off the ship and getting back to the airport. Family of four, two boys ages 9 and 6.
  4. What a great family vacation! We cruised with our oldest, now 9, when he was 10 months and it was fantastic. The crew all loved him so much and were so accommodating. We brought our larger stroller and it worked out great for us as that is what he was most comfortable in. We used it to take walks around the deck probably more than actually taking it off the ship. He also slept amazing on the cruise!!! I remember at the time saying we just needed to stay on a cruise ship for the kid to sleep through the night. We did use the pack and play that the ship provided. We sent diapers through amazon to our hotel that we were staying at pre cruise. It saved us a ton of space packing and they were fine keeping the package there till we arrived. We loved our beach time and I'm sure you will too. Have a great trip!
  5. Thank you very much for the replies. I'm especially glad to hear that there isn't really a bad location. When on vacation I really don't want to feel rushed to head off the ship. We also have some medical limitations with physical activity for two hours after medication with our son so don't want him to feel like he'd have to be on the beach for two hours just sitting.
  6. Yes, beach bungalow. Sorry, I wasn't looking at the cruise planner for the correct name.
  7. Those who have had a cabana on Labadee at Columbus Cove was it assigned to you upon arrival or were they preassigned or could you request location at guest services? Are there better locations than others? I don't want a bad location, but I also don't want to have to rush off the ship as we arrive at 7 am.
  8. Definitely not shoppers. My boys are 6 & 9, but not sure how much seeing and doing everyone will want to do after the week. I'm more thinking about what we would do with our luggage during anything else to do if we didn't rent a car. Thoughts on that?
  9. Our flight after the cruise doesn't leave FLL until 6:25. Any suggestions for a family after our cruise? Is there a car rental at the port that we could use and then return at the airport?
  10. Are any other locations open for lunch on Adventure on the first day besides Windjammer?
  11. I am reading different prices for the charge at Johnny Rockets. It would be helpful to know ahead so I can prep in letting my kids know if we will or won't be going. There also seems to be different answers for if you have to have a meal to get to use the deluxe beverage package to get a milkshake there. Has anyone had experience in using the deluxe beverage package for milkshakes? Did you have to eat? Thank you!
  12. This thread has been very helpful. We are a family of four with two kids, ages 6 and 9. Of the following which do you think would be best? Hilton FLB, Embassy Suites 17th, Hilton Marina Thank you!
  13. We are on Adventure in March. Trying to decide if our family of four, two boys ages 6 and 9 would do better renting a car for the day and seeing El Yunque or going with Ellis. Which terminal does Adventure use? Trying to look at car rental and pricing nearby. Thank you!
  14. Are Royal Up offers emailed out to customers as the sailing gets closer at random or how do you get the chance to bid? Thank you!
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