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  1. Yep I Found A Whole Lot Of Photos From The Flowrider So Here They Are.
  2. About 30 Minutes To 45 Minutes With No Traffic.
  3. @Boston Babe Lucky You. You Will See The Navigator In Dry Dock.
  4. Calling Anyone Who Is Heading To Freeport In The Next Few Weeks. Please Take Some Photos Of The Navigator OTS In Dry Dock.
  5. What Day In February @Boston Babe Navigator Will Be Out Of Dry Dock By Feb. 25 2019
  6. This Was Also There When I Was There On The Oasis In October. They Must Be Trying To Make Labbadee More Like Coco Cay
  7. Hey If Any One Is Going To Freeport In The Next Month You Can Go Take Photos Of The Navigator OTS.
  8. Lucky Me. I Was Going Through My SD Cards And Found Some Photos Of My Ride On The Roller Coaster In Labbadee. Hope You Enjoy These Photos.
  9. Looks Like All Of the Chairs Are Gone On The Deck
  10. Now Look At This There Is A Wired Arm Thing Next To The Boat.
  11. Wonder When It Is Leavening 5:10 And No Movement.
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