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  1. On 11/1/2018 at 5:50 PM, twangster said:

    Congratulations on a great trivia win!

    On the second point, those would be the PIT (Pinnacle In Training a.k.a. Diamond Plus) and Pinnacles.  If they can't find something to complain about, they'll create something to complain about.  Having just done the Snowbird Migration cruise that was also a top heavy, I've grown an immunization to it. 

    On Adventure in an elevator a few weeks ago - "This is the worst cruise ever!", "We had to wait 8 minutes in the terminal!".  Hmmm, I'm thinking this is one of the better cruises I've done and an eight minute wait?  Seriously?

    As a born and bred New Yorker who lived in Florida for almost 30 years before retiring back north to Connecticut, I'm very familiar with the snowbird migration during "season," but don't know about a snowbird migration cruise. Care to illuminate? BTW - did you know that the official bird of Florida is the Early Bird?

  2. 4 hours ago, Susie said:

    What is your itinerary? 7 days? Example My cruise was 8 nights and the night 7 was a second formal night which was the lobster. I think the lobster night menu was good in MDR and taste good. I wish I take pictures of the menu. So if you have a second formal night that will be the night that they serve lobster. 

    12 nights out of Bayonne. I think we'll be in Jamie's the first formal night but we'll definitely catch the second for the lobster.

  3. 16 hours ago, Susie said:

    I don't think you will have a problem with the entertainment reservations. Normally the shows are not filled up and easy to find the seat. You can still reserve when you onboard. When you get onboard walk into the ship, there are stations fill with tablets that you can reserve whatever you need but you need your Seapass card or the band to get it to work. You also can use Royal IQ apps to reserve everything. Just make sure download the apps to your phone before you are on the ship.

    IMHO MDR foods were not good but the Solarium Bistro foods were excellent so I will suggest checking Solarium Bistro for dinner. You will need a reservation for Solarium Bistro though. 

    Thank you. We have the three nights specialty dining package and two nights reserved in the Solarium Bistro.  We'll wing the rest. Thanks again.

  4. On 11/25/2018 at 5:59 PM, Susie said:

    I just came back from Anthem this afternoon. We cannot book North star and i-Fly online either but be able to book all the shows online. When you board the ship there are many tablets to use for reserving your activity or you can do on Royal IQ when you board. I downloaded Royal IQ ahead of time. I really easy to use and work most of the time. IMO Dining room food is not good but Solarium Bistro is excellent. Suggest booking activities early for day1-4 of  7 days cruise because sometimes it will be cancel if weather bad so you still have time to reschedule it. We got canceled on the "We will rock you" and i-Fly day 6 of 7 days cruise. They reschedule the next day for "we will rock you" but i-fly you really have to work hard to get on the flight. We lucky enough to know one of the activity guys, he is an instructor for i-Fly. He reserved 3 of us to one of the last 2 flights of this trip. Don't miss i-Fly if you can do it, it is the best experience ever.  We have a blast. Service is excellent but the food not so much, however, we managed to find solarium bistro that we love. 

    Not happy to hear the food wasn't up to par.


  5. We got ours today for the Anthem 12-night sailing out of Cape Liberty on January 6, 2019. To even be considered for a Junior Suite, we would have to bid at least $500 pp (min bid is $250 pp which won't get us anywhere).  We already have a balcony stateroom in a location we like, so upgrading to a Junior Suite makes no sense because there are two days out and two days back that are going to be cold. If we were in the Med or sailing from Florida or San Juan, we would consider it.



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