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  1. When I am on the ship and booking through Next Cruise, can I book for myself and a separate reservation for my daughter that is not on board for the same future sailing? Essentially I would be making bookings for two rooms. Even if I had to book under my name or my wife's and then transfer the reservation later that would work. I would eventually want to have a booking that listed the correct people staying in each stateroom.
  2. I am sailing on Allure in April. Are there restricted times to visit the Helipad? I haven't noticed much discussion about it other than how to get there.
  3. Good news. $30 for each person seemed a little steep to me. I'll hope for the best.
  4. I have been watching the price but cupcake class offered on Allure has not nudged. Is this ever discounted online or maybe on the ship? My wife is interested but not sure when to schedule so being on the ship might be easier. Also, In my mind the price seems a little high. So im hoping there might be some discounts later.
  5. CGLTH thanks for the menu. That helps a lot. By the way what is a lava flow? I thought I knew but it seems like the drink I though was a Lava Flow had a different name.
  6. I just stepped up to the Deluxe drink package. I like a bourbon on the rocks myself but I also like tropical drinks when in the right setting. I'm wondering what others get that are with the limits of the package. Let me know what you like when your cutting loose.
  7. I was ready to get this Belkin model noted above from Amazon and paused. It appears to be a surge protector also. I like the configuration but I am going to look for another option. I'd hate to plan on using it and having it held from me.
  8. If I am on a cruise and rehearse a cruise at the Next Cruise desk my understanding is that the Deposit is lower. So could I book for other family members as well? I'm wondering if I had a date range and a good understanding of what they might be interested in doing together if I could get the available deal for them.
  9. I used Facebook Messenger to contact Budget since I didn't see an email address. They did get back to me and say that the Budget FLL airport location does not offer a shuttle service to the port.
  10. Is the cruise ship location on the in room TV accurate or a projection of what is expected. I have seen people comment that it doesn't seem accurate when there are schedule changes.
  11. You might have missed this comment. I tried 9 times today to call and get the answer. It rings through and I get the national desk.
  12. I'm sailing on Allure in April. I requested a table near the window and now have the number. Is there a MDR layout available with table numbering so I could see where it is? I would like to make sure it's not right on top of a serving station.
  13. Too bad. Pub style food would be fun and would add something unique.
  14. I rented a car for my disembarkation at the Budget Rental location at the FLL airport. I did it because the rental was cheaper there and don't want to change at this point. Cars are becoming more expensive for my time period. I realize there is a closer Budget location than definitely has a shuttle. I am using them to drop off, but they don't have my car class for my return. Is there is shuttle to go from the port to the airport rental area? I have seen a variety of responses so far. It seems there might be, although not every company subscribes to the shuttle service. I have tried to call the office directly but after a few rings the national company responds but they don't know the answer. If not I will taxi or Uber to the rental area.
  15. I read one blog post from Michael Poole, but i found that on the Facebook page. I enjoyed it but don't see any others. How do I see other posts? When I try to search I don't see any. Maybe it has something to do with my tablet but I don't think so.
  16. Rjac Here's the video I was talking about. It's two parts of there first day. Note times 4:14 and 7:56 in the second video
  17. I am going on Allure next month and wondering if the pub has any food. I haven't heard this discussed before. It would be nice if the pub had food but since I haven't seen it noted I assume it doesn't.
  18. I'm not sure but I do think this couple did the hot tub before lunch which might have delayed them. That could have been the issue.
  19. Really excited for our 4/22 Allure sailing and watching videos of other people's trips on YouTube. The last one I watched showed a couple on embarkation going from Windjammer to Park Cafe and both were really lined up. The poor husband was trying to be tour guide but they must have walked fore/aft at least a couple of times. What other complimentary places are open? I don't know that I will be met with as much patience as that person's wife offered him.
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