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  1. Think, you and hubby could have made the news as the latest pier runners! haha
  2. Excellent photos! Do you use a tripod for these sunrise shots?
  3. Have a great trip and happy Anniversary! Looking forward to following along!
  4. We brought two bottles per family on our last cruise and brought them to the main dinning room for dinner. Like others have said as well, we have yet to be charged a corkage fee even though we brought a different bottle to dinner every night. It was a seamless process and provided a nice alternative to buying wine at dinner.
  5. The amount of snacks everyday is amazing! I wouldn’t ever need to go to the dinning room at this rate 😜
  6. Do you find the "warm" snacks to still be warm when you get back or do they deliver those right as you arrive?
  7. We were on the Explorer in May for a 4 night sailing out Seattle and the WJ was open til 12:30am as well. It was a limited offering, only about 1/4 of the area was open, but had a good selection of warm and cold food. Maybe it's a new Voyager class perk?
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