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  1. Was the pre-cruise port PCR test a brain-tickler or just a nose swab? Trying to prepare my five-year-old for the process.
  2. We're booked on the same date. We've got a spacious promenade view interior which is a unique room (304sq ft) that Odyssey doesn't have equivalent so I'll be interested to see what we get.
  3. I was able to get my cabana's booked yesterday. I called in and had the customer service rep do it for me. She assigned one to me and one to my wife. I think, based on what I was seeing online, when you book a cabana the drop down option is actually for the number of cabanas you want. You don't need to assign everyone in the cabana to a reservation. Thanks all for your help!
  4. Thanks @Pima1988 I'll try to book these once my onboard credit from my cancelled Oct cruise posts and let you know how it goes!
  5. I've never used my TA to book cruise planner purchases, would she be able to use the OBC?
  6. I've looked through past topics on this, but it seems Royal is continually making changes to how they book and assign cabanas. On the cruise planner you now have to link all the people who are going to be in your cabana. Has anyone skipped this by booking the cabana for one and then changing the assigned number of people once onboard or upon arrival at the cabana? Has anyone successfully booked more than one cabana on the same room/reservation? Can I still book two cabanas, one under my name and one under my wife's? We've got a group for an upcoming cruise and we're wanting to use our cruise planner credit from a Covid-cancelled cruise to get enough cabanas for the group.
  7. I've done Maya Chan twice now. The first time we went they warned about the sea grass but we went anyway. There was a sulfur smell that we caught occasionally, but nothing worth cancelling over. They work actively to remove the sea grass and we were able to enjoy the water still. My opinion is that all the beaches in Costa Maya are below average beaches, especially compared to some of the great beaches in the Caribbean. The sea grass, rocky bottoms, and low visibility water are all contributing factors. Maya Chan however is a FANTASTIC beach spot if you're looking for a chill, relaxing day with great food, drinks, and service. If you're dead set on serious water activities Costa Maya isn't the port to do them in. I highly recommend getting some natrapel wipes to take with you for Roatan. They use picardin instead of deet which won't damage plastics (including polyester, etc.. clothing like swim suits). They are super easy to pack too and no spray, no mess. Also, if you're snorkeling in Roatan you need reef-safe sunscreen which is typically zinc based. I've used the Austrailian Gold Botanical line and it's good. Have fun!
  8. The 14.50 each day per person covers the dining staff (main dining room and all complimentary venues) as well as your room steward. The 18% gratuity you paid for your drink package covers the bar staff only.
  9. We have a deposit on Coral Princess Northbound in May 2020 keeping our eyes out for a price drop as I've seen some great deals on their 2019 sailings, but I think we're going to delay a year and save some more money up for excursions. This will be my wife's first time in Alaska and I've only been once 15 years ago so we've got a lot of must do excursions! Plus by next year they will for sure have a RC/Celebrity/Azamara glacier bay stop so we'll be able to see our options there.
  10. Which northbound Radiance are you booked on? We're booked for the June 12th 2020 sailing, but are considering delaying a year and are considering Princess/Celebrity as well. I'd definitely like to do the Glacier Bay stop.
  11. When you first board the ship there will be a table that staff will direct you to as soon as they see you have a child. They will give your child a wrist band to wear the entire cruise that tells staff where your muster station is so that they can be taken there in case of emergency. Sometimes the staff there can do signups for adventure ocean, but I still recommend going up to Adventure Ocean and signing up there. You can go whenever, after lunch is usually good. This is also the only time that these facilities have an "open house" that allows all guests to see the kid and teen areas. It's a good time to introduce your child to the space and the staff will be there too. There is no limit on the Aquanaut program so you don't have to worry about them "selling out" of space.
  12. Yeah I was surprised they didn't put Wonderland there or mention something else for that space.
  13. I think you're right on the Escape Room replacing the Card Room. On Symphony and Harmony the Escape room is near Adventure Ocean, but the only thing aft on deck 14 is the Card Room.
  14. They also specifically mentioned Boleros as one of the venues they will be keeping! Plus with on-air already being a "sports and karaoke bar" it makes sense to turn it into dedicated karaoke since Playmaker's will be dedicated sports
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