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  1. They had Guinness on tap in the pub on Indy last summer. However it wasn't poured correctly for either of the 2 pints I tried. Maybe I should of had a word with the barman and advised him how it's meant to be poured (rather than just straight up) but the bar was far too busy.
  2. Lol - thanks tho Spiralqueen - least I know for definite now!
  3. Thanks Twangster, very helpful as always
  4. Suite guests don’t get access to Sun deck? I thought it was Jnr Suites that didn’t get access?
  5. Loving this thread - will try and try all of them out on Adventure in early April #whatthedrinkspackageismadefor 😀
  6. Thanks Matt & Tiny260, good ideas and very helpful as always
  7. Hi all, seeking advice! We're looking at doing a RC organsied post cruise excursion when we dock at Fort Lauderdale (to avoid carting our suitcases around for half the day!) however in the t&c's it states the following: This tour is available to guests with flights departing from Fort Lauderdale airport at 2:30pm or later for domestic flights and 3:30pm or later for international flights. We are flying back to the UK at 3:10 - so technically before the earliest time for an international flight, however we are flying Delta via ATL so i'm thinking that the first leg is essentially a domestic flight and the tour would therefore be ok? Anyone have any experience of this at all - or failing that can make a suggestion or two as to what to do in Fort Lauderdale whilst carrying luggage Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks Matt, very helpful as always
  9. Wondering how this works then. Reading through the T&C's it says no contra betting on Roulette/Bacarat, that is understandably but it also says that all chips have to 'played through' ? I'm assuming that simply put this means placed as a bet? So would I be right in thinking that: If you bet a promotional $50 chip (on an even money bet) and win, croupier will take the promotional chip and then give you winnings as $100 of normal chips and as such that $50 has now been played through. Or am i barking up the wrong tree!
  10. Just browsing through possible future cruises as you do! ...and have noticed that a couple of the European itineraries include overnight stays in a port (Barcelona on one, Seville on another). Having not seen this before I wondered how it works. Are you free to leave the ship the day you arrive and do as you please until the 'back on board' time the following day? In other words remain off the ship for the night? And almost the reverse of this - can you get back onboard late at night or even in the early hours or is there a curfew? TIA Adam
  11. Thanks tiny260, very helpful. Good spot on your price drop too 👍🏼
  12. Slight deviation on the topic - but do the prepaid tips cover the speciality restaurant packages as well?
  13. It’s gone up by £20 (approx $26) each over night - so glad I took the plunge 👍🏼
  14. Thanks Waaaytoo Thats really helpful. We’ve gone ahead and booked it (the UDP obviously!) although it does sound like an awful lot of lovely food to get through! We’ll give a good go tho i’m sure!!
  15. Hi all 7 night cruise on Oasis next December - just checking out dinning options and have noticed on the planner that the ultimate dinning package is only £1 more expensive than the 5 night package (yes £1! - £97 vs £96) . Am I missing something? Is there a difference in what each entails (other than getting speciality food for all 7 nights and a couple of lunches on the ultimate?) The other thing is we’re also in a suite so have access to Costal Kitchen - so I know this is probably a personal taste thing, but having never done speciality dinning or stayed in a suite before - is it worth getting a speciality dinning package when having access to CK? Many thanks in advance
  16. We are doing this exact cruise on Adventure in April next year - so thank you for posting - we will be reading with great interest. 👍🏼
  17. Yep - I was enjoying a Lava flow cocktail by 11.15 , that's the proper way to start your cruise! Have a great trip
  18. Hi Ignore the boarding time and just go to the port whenever it suits. We left from Southampton in the summer, our boarding time was 12.30 (if i remember correctly, possibly later), but following advice from this forum we arrived at about 10.30 and was on board shortly after 11 😂 And yes your C&A membership will also get you priority boarding as well - according to the list of benefits
  19. We took our first ever cruise on Indy this summer. All 11 of us had a blast and our ages ranged from 6 to 70+. The ship was full and yes it was busy at times, but did i consider it overcrowded, no not at all. I found the main 'busy' times were around breakfast and lunch around the Windjammer, especially the later you left it for at each sitting, however a quick wander around and a 'hover' whilst a table was being cleared and you was good to go. We enjoyed it so much we've another two booked up already! And..this forum is amazingly helpful and friendly so any questions you have just ask away!
  20. We did a 6 night cruise from Southampton On Indy in August and there was only 1 formal night (night 3). The RC website indicates that there's likely to be 2 but also does say its at the ships discretion - https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/formal-dress-code-guideline (it also says that there's no formal nights on any current Empress of the Seas sailings). I'm pretty sure that every other night the suggested dress code was just casual which also contradicts this: http://www.royalcaribbean.com/beforeyouboard/whatToKnow/whatToPack.do As a family we loved getting dressed up - formal night or not.
  21. I think if you cancelled would you be entitled to your tax, fees and port expenses back and also any pre-paid gratuities? Might be not be much in the grand scheme of things but somethings better than nothing!
  22. Haha - I've read @twangster blogs - and been in awe of those pictures too! I managed to ruin my DSLR body earlier in the year,..sob sob!
  23. Ah yes thats a good point - i knew there must be an upside somewhere 😂 We only completed our first ever cruise on Indy in the summer. Now we've already one booked for early next year on Adventure and soon to book this one for the Honeymoon. It's an addictive habit this cruising business!!
  24. Thank you ever so much guys, that is really helpful - looks like it’s a Loft Suite then. i better get saving now then - who needs guests at a wedding anyway 😂
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