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  1. Information was directly from Vicki Freed, RC rep, via her web talk yesterday to TA. To add yes both RC and apparently C are calling people to find out vax status, but RC at least is not denying boarding just what percentage will be vaxed so that they can plan their shows and dining.
  2. I agree! Also someone mentioned earlier about C contacting everyone before the cruise to find vaccination status and as such may deny them boarding is not correct. They are looking at how to schedule their shows or performances.
  3. Well let me say that at this juncture that I have no faith in anything coming from the CDC or Lancet.
  4. I am going to throw this out here and see what everyone thinks. Since much discussion has ensued on getting on a cruise or who could go on a cruise I thought I would throw this out. RCCL need to sail 2 ships on the same day, one will be 100% vaccinated and smaller say Vision and Radiance and the second for vax and unvaxed and could be the larger Voyager, Freedom, Oasis and Quantum classes. They sail the same day from the same port and have same itinerary just in reverse. I already know some issues with this but looking for some solid feedback for fun.
  5. Yep NCL and Del Rio are not leaving Florida they started here built here and their entire model is Floridian. With the exception of the Hawaiian adventure.
  6. Couple of thoughts on this if I may: 1 I think I remember DeSantis saying the reason he opposed the passports were privacy or Hippa laws. I could be mistaken as it may have been discrimination or maybe both I just do not recall. But the hidden thing about this is this was not a stand alone bill. This was an addition the states Emergency Management Law. It also expires as soon as the emergency is declared to be over. Currently I am not aware of any lifting of the emergency. 2 I do not see discrimination here as it pertains to vaccine or no vaccine. But since there has been some apparent, shall I say, misstatements on the whole Covid19 situation where do those that have had the disease fall. One famous politician is not getting the vaccine because he has gotten the disease and , according to him is still carrying the antibodies. I have very good friends that say the same and their Dr. has told them no on the vaccine as they do not need it at this time. 3 I still believe that this was one of those unintended spin-offs that was not anticipated. Now how to get out of this may be rolling around in Tallahassee as we type. Florida or perhaps more specifically DeSantis is one of the major reasons that the CDC has started moving on getting cruising going (along with the CLIA putting pressure on congress). It certainly leads me to believe that there is going to be a work around. 4 As I stated earlier Carnival is allowing space for unvaccinated, they just do not let it out much. I read this on the cruise news web site.
  7. Jeff I appreciate your take on things as it pertains to the court rulings. But I have to say that I disagree with your take on the states ban of passports. All of us have a constitutional right to privacy and to deny that right is in and of itself unconstitutional. I do not want to show my passport, or give up my right to privacy, to shop at "name your store of choice". Now that said DW and myself are fully vaccinated and do not mind showing this to RC but some may not and that is their prerogative. If the state were to lose a challenge then we all have lost another freedom and what will be next. As an aside Carnival will be sailing with "fully vaccinated" ships with some "exceptions". So apparently they are making it so people that cannot get a vaccine or kids not of age can still cruise. Again thank you for your analysis of this and please keep up the fantastic work in keeping us informed.
  8. Right but It doesn't look like the mask thing will be going away.
  9. Does one think that either party knew how this would be ruled? I cannot imagine that RC or any other line would be privy to this decision before hand.
  10. Yes but still within their 14 day window of full effect. I am in the camp that these could be false positives.
  11. Do not know where this will be going as it pertains to the testing and mask mandates. We are hopeful that mask will at the very least not be required in outside settings.
  12. This sounds fishy, not the report here but really if they are not very reliable why use them at all? 30% is extremely high.
  13. I have heard much said about false positives but have never seen any numbers. Off the top of your head do know any ballpark figures?
  14. Us also. DW just looked up Virgin Islands requirements to enter and EVERYONE must have a negative covid test within 5 days of visit. Well that stop is on day 5 so cutting it close. This may be one reason that itineraries are changing. See ya on board!!
  15. Thanks for that info, I forgot that. So I haven't heard of anyone getting covid after vaccination that had a severe case.
  16. How many people here who would cruise if not vaccinated?
  17. Yes it is terrible that the local governments would not allow the ships into port to treat the infected.
  18. I agree this has spurred the CDC into action. I was afraid before this that the CDC was going to extend the CSO.
  19. I will float this idea out there. Have sailings on the same day, one for 95% vaccinated and one showing a negative test result or vaccination. This way everyone could cruise. Let the comments proceed!!
  20. Doesn't any ship that goes into service and does not require 95% passenger must do a test cruise?
  21. I am sure someone has already suggested this but perhaps this is 2 schedules. As RC does not know the exact date maybe they start on the 2nd or maybe the 3rd.
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