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  1. Exactly!!!!! RC experimented with this as the Song of America was coming online in 1984. They had 2 sailings from Miami that went to Nassau and Hamilton. They were a success and RC sailed her from NYC to Hamilton in a midweek sailing beginning summer of 1985.
  2. Next question Which RC ship was the first to sail the New York to Bermuda route?
  3. You are very close. When the SON came out it did Nassau, St. Thomas and San Juan. It had to do Nassau because of the Jones Act. It did this itinerary every week. When the Nordic Princess came it did 14 day itinerary out of Miami deep into the southern Caribbean. When the Sun Viking was launched they had to find new places to go and looked westward.
  4. And y'all haven't changes one bit!!!!
  5. You are correct as that was her original name. RC bought Admiral in 1988 but the Future Seas was a newbuild or not yet completed. When christened she became Nordic Empress.
  6. Empress OTS was originally named the Nordic Empress. In the first 20 to 30 years of cruising the ships itinerary were different than they are today, what is the difference?
  7. no it was Empress but I have just learned that it was just retired.
  8. Well now my wife has told me that it is no longer listed so may be a causality of the covid19 problem. But the answer was Empress of the seas
  9. Thanks and will do. We sail in Aug and will try to use it then so I will let y'all know
  10. We have a priority boarding pass can we use them at this time and if so how does that work?
  11. What ship did RC get from Admiral that is still in service today (well sort of)?
  12. Yep congrats!!! Yes we need diversion from people trying to live our lives and tell we are stupid and wear a mask or do not wear a mask. Okay enough of that. Go cruising and carry on.
  13. MrMarc, the CDC has politized this process. They wrote the CSO sent it to the cruise lines then threw it into a vault. shut the door, spun the lock and were going to completely forget about it until Nov 1, 2021. The evidence is overwhelming. It wasn't until the CLIA sent an appeal to TA and all it members to please contact their representatives to put pressure on them to look into this. Thus many of us received this and did so. Then the mayor of Miami went directly to the CDC to plead her constituents case. Then the State of Florida filed their suit. Only after the politicians got involved did the vault get opened. The CDC based their initial reason for locking out the cruise lines was based to the Diamond Princess ill fated voyage in Jan 2020. Crazy in that nobody knew anything about this disease at this point and 712 got infected and 14 died. Even judge Merryday pointed this out. The arrogance shown by the CDC has been staggering. Matt forgive us if we are treading on dangerous ground.
  14. DW wife just order 6 on Amazon all for color coordination. I just shake my head
  15. Okay the answer is "Sail a Skyscraper" Was only used for the duration of Song of Norway's first season and was tossed when Nordic Prince went into service. Okay next "What was the first cruise line RC purchased?"
  16. Anybody sail of Song of Norway I will give a super heart. But you may give me one as we have sailed on her with none other than Ken Rush.
  17. No but excellent find!!! Keep trying.
  18. Still Mama Mia I believe but I will tell ya for sure I Aug.
  19. Oh and I see you are on deck 8 which on this class of ship is perfect!!!! You can always start your day and end your day with a beautiful stroll through the park, sit out side in one of the specialty restaurants or sit under the stars at the Trellis Bar for cocktails while listening to strings being played. It is a truly wonderful and unique place.
  20. Okay never mind I just saw Mariner!! Duh on me But download the RC app and register. 1 a must fly in the day before and go exploring 2 Try to board as early as possible 3 Once on board sign up for your shows and dining times if you have specialty restaurants 4 Do your safety drill on the App 5 Cruise compass is your friend pick one up at guess services. It will have all that is going on listed for you and the times. JUST HAVE FUN
  21. What ship? So I could be more specific. But you could go to the following web site for fantastic info https://www.youtube.com/royalcaribbeanblog
  22. Not a big deal. Being Diamond these days is not a big bragging point as there are so many of us and many more D+. But 8 days at 4 points a day is 32 so you are there.
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