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  1. My wife and my first cruise was on Explorer of the seas in 2012 to Bermuda out of New Jersey. We were looking for something to do on vacation and did not want to fly anymore so we said lets try a cruise and we loved it. We had been to Bermuda 2 times before but had flown there. While we were on our way we both said why did we not do this 10 years ago so now we are hooked we cruised last year on CC sorry :) the Pride out of Baltimore. As soon as we got home we book a cruise for 2014 to Bermuda on the Grandeur. Not sure yet where we are going in 2015 but it will be a cruise. They say you will either love cruising or hate it well we love it. I think for the money its a great deal. We have been to Disney 5 times and those all cost a lot more than a cruise. ERS
  2. It would not be for me. Man I love those shakes.
  3. I had an interesting thing happen when I booked my last cruise which is coming up in September. I booked thru RC and I told the agent I had a savings certificate from the C&A. The agent says let me see if I can get a better one for you so he comes back and says I have a 300.00 special you can use and of course I said sure. He said this will take a few days to show up on your booking. I kept checking back and talked to another agent who said yea its still in the pipeline. I checked back a week later and it still was not there so I called again got a very nice agent who checked and said that was if you sailed by a certain date and you are sailing after that. My responce was than why was I told it could be done and she could not answer that so I ask to talk to a supervisor and was connected to one I can't recall her name but again a very nice one. I told her what happened and of course she said they never should have told you that and said they need to make sure agents are told not to promise things they can't do. Well she goes on and says I can't give that deal but I will take 125.00 off you bill and add 175.00 to your on board account and that adds up to 300.00. Well to say I was happy with that goes without asking I feel RC went well above what they had to do. I guess the lesson is if you feel something is wrong dont call up and yell at people call up and try to reason with them because it works much much better. This experience with RC has left me with a very good feeling and I will be back cruising with them many more times. ERS
  4. I have also laminated them and used zip ties to attach them to our bags. ERS
  5. Yes waiting till you get to the dock for your tags will slow things your boarding up. Last cruise I put shipping tape around the tags to protect them.
  6. I agree with Matt there are some days when you will be so busy you won't want to drink much.
  7. First thing is where to go and when. Second would be what kind of cabin to get and getting the best price.I am not a experenced cruiser as most here but i check all the sites that offer cruises AAA and any other place I can find but I have booked last two through Royal Caribbean and got good deals. Last two we booked suites because we like the extra room and we both need to see outside. Planning what to do when you dock takes some thoughts also because you only so much time at each port. Planning is half the fun for a cruise. My wife and I only wish we would have started cruising a long time ago instead of flying everywhere. We both hate flying anymore. we live close to both Baltimore and New York or New Jersey so we can drive to the port.
  8. I agree the water on board is fine. We take a few small bottles with to take a shore or to drink in the room other wise we drink the water on board. Carrying a case of water around will be a pain. What ever you do have a ball I know you will.
  9. Matt funny you should say that I think I have worn youtube out searching everything Grandeur Of The Seas. :)
  10. Its a good reason for EVERYONE on the ship to wash your hands a lot when on board. I try not to use the rails on the stairs and my wife and I use the hand sanitizers on the ship also. I think people need to learn to cough and sneeze into a napkin, hankee or there sleeve and not spread germs also. Lets face it you go to the mall and you get the very same thing. My wife and I love the Explorer.
  11. I have check those past cruise compasses but I alway pick up a second copy and carry one everyday with me so we know whats going on. We check it often during the day to see whats going on. Carry the compass and a pen always.
  12. OBC , there was a little mix up in my up coming cruise so I called to inquire about it and they game me a nice OBC to use.
  13. I have 187 days left for my next cruise to Bermuda and am running out of things to check not our first time to Bermuda so I am aware of things to do there. I check the cruise forums and do like the shows that feature cruise ships I guess I could plan a cruise for 2015 a while :). Last time we cruised to Bermuda it was on the Explorer and we really enjoyed that ship.
  14. More fun to sit there and wait for the singing and dancing :). The milk shakes are to die for.
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