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  1. Focus on the mention of "local pharmacies" and forget Quest. Endless reports of good experiences at Walgreens and CVS for starters. My family of 8 used both yesterday and all had positive experiences... but fortunately negative results.
  2. This isn't completely true. I used a TA for the first time in over a decade for a July B2B b/c they had access to some sort of TA/Friends & Family sale. The prices on the RC site were a couple hundred dollars more per leg at the time.
  3. It's safe to assume "some number" of people have it and/or contracted it on every ship sailing at this point. Knowing the actual number is virtually impossible.
  4. Helluva view from up there! Enjoy!
  5. I totally missed that it said HA or I would have corrected it, sorry. Glad you're all squared away!
  6. I have been in touch multiple times via the 2nd e-mail address since getting my welcome e-mail this past Monday for the same cruise. Junior and Elaine have been excellent in responding to multiple requests so far.
  7. It's only a gambling problem if you lose.
  8. The people who don't report to muster are the downers, not the OP!
  9. It varies by port, ship, and even week. I have read reports of Port Canaveral staff NOT enforcing them for Harmony 10 days ago but very much enforcing them this past Sunday.
  10. It's like waiting for a raffle to be drawn or lottery numbers to pop up, lol. I have check-in for 2 GTY's B2B coming up next week for a July cruise. Double the fun!
  11. I have always tried to do that when not moving more than 5-6 decks and I'm lazy and don't exercise. The crowding and lack of manners is almost as bad as the covid risk.
  12. A 2nd thanks for the info. Hope the glitch gets taken care of. I have a check-in for a July cruise opening next week when I should be onboard Harmony. Was obviously planning to check-in via the app and worry about the rest later. That said, we'll obviously have all our documents with us, so there's that.
  13. Negative tests willing, I'll be on her Sunday. I expect some masks, but not very many. Also, FWIW, someone onboard now as the 1st half of a B2B was told to expect 1500 kids next week.
  14. Not sure about reservations but from what I've read about MTD waits (i.e. just b/c you have a 6:45 reservation doesn't mean you'll be seated right at 6:45) and based on past experience in the MDR, you may be in a rush to get out of the MDR in time to even make it to an 8:15 show.
  15. If it makes you feel better (I know it won't), the forecast is worse for next Monday when I'll be there on Harmony. But, as Matt said, just like here in Florida, it's rare to rain all day and you can hardly trust a forecast a day out let alone several days. Local news frequently tells us we'll get 2-4" of rain in a day or two and then it barely rains.
  16. My apologies. I should have phrased that more politely. Your info is inaccurate. Most RC ships have been orange for many weeks.
  17. Huh? The majority of all RC ships have been in orange for quite some time. This is not news.
  18. ihealth offers their own monitoring but it is often sold out. One site some have reported using is https://rapidtestandtrace.com/
  19. Definitely helpful, but I think that poster was asking about the FB group I had mentioned.
  20. Not really. Lots of similar questions to the ones you'd find here or on the other popular cruise forum... what to pack, where to eat, excursions, what should my kids do, covid testing, etc. There's a meet & greet on day one I think but this is an extended family cruise for me so I didn't pay attention. Many posters don't seem very familiar with RC or cruising in general.
  21. I don't blame you. We spent 10 days on land before our Southbound cruise and took the train the entire way from Fairbanks to Seward (with many stops of course). I'm cool with mask wearing but would have been a bit rough on the train for all those hours. The Canada part is of course a much bigger deal though.
  22. Welcome aboard! Sorry you had to cancel Alaska. Love the Caribbean but Alaska was a very special trip for us (although it was more the 10 days on the land than the cruise itself).
  23. I'm not on FB, I pop onto my wife's account though. FWIW, there's a much larger FB group for this cruise that was started long before that one. https://www.facebook.com/groups/437702797468287
  24. I drive to PC in about an hour but I'm not letting people who choose to not follow rules stop me from taking the earliest time I can get and arriving on time since that is my preference. Anyone who would prefer to arrive later, by all means, do so. I don't find it stressful, just annoying.
  25. I like it. We need penalties for those who don't go to muster too.
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