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  1. They said they’ll credit us. We bought 4 in the event of something like this
  2. I’m boarding her Saturday and took our tests this morning. First test opened and the bottle of solution was dry. Also could not use our phone. Directed us to use a desktop
  3. Just passing this along in case people don’t know this. It’s cheaper (at least on all of my cruises currently) to buy each separately. VOOM is $3 a day LESS when purchased on its own. Usually bundling offers a discount of sorts. Not in this case. Anyone else show this? Is it possibly due to a C&A discount? (we’re Diamond)
  4. This was just sent to those who have a b2b TA and first med sailing. The guy who got this letter said there is no charge for those 4 days. Lucky ducks!
  5. Winner winner chicken dinner! I bet this is it! I bet you’re good in those escape rooms I’ve purposely left Fall 2023 open in anticipation of her inaugural
  6. I already can’t sleep because I’m FINALLY getting on a cruise Saturday (Symphony). Now I have to lay awake wondering what’s coming out of left field?
  7. I noticed that today. Newsflash: Celebrity accepting mixed vaccines Tomorrow’s Royal news: will accept mixed vaccines Carry on, move along. Nothing earth shattering. Bayley needs to choose words carefully. Throw us a morsel and we’ll make it into a filet mignon
  8. Hmmm didn’t Royal get involved with Turks and Caicos? I know Carnival is there but I thought I saw somewhere that Royal might be adding that? Or Royal is releasing their plans for Freeport/Grand Lucayan (although a rendering has already been released) I guess this will be announced tomorrow to TA’s first then to public
  9. Well the vaccine mandate in the Bahamas and St Thomas are due to expire November 1. Maybe if it expires then unvaccinated allowed back on which explains all the cabin changes starting with November cruises.
  10. If that’s the case I better soak up reduced capacity to the max next week on Symphony
  11. So what would your (all of us collectively) “news of a lifetime” be? GO!
  12. That’s what we’re doing too. Added a 3 day wilderness express land tour before getting on Radiance
  13. Why don’t you fly to Juneau, spend a few days, make your way to Seward and cruise to Vancouver
  14. But no sovereign class or song of Norway, America etc
  15. Yes! It came back this past week I believe. The cruise director (Brian Leavitt) posted a short video on his Facebook
  16. I want to say August 2022. It might be a late July sailing and an august. I just remember all the unhappy passengers that got cancelled Found it: August 21-30. I guess there’s only only one they’ve (Atlantis) chartered. I remember another odyssey being chartered too though. Must be different group.
  17. Atlantis is who has chartered Odyssey in the Med
  18. This same group I believe has commandeered (staying with the pirate theme) 2 Odyssey sailings in the Med this summer.
  19. Those 3 night cruises are always high because people really hit the package hard for 3 days. It’s harder to maintain that level of drinking over say a 7 night cruise.
  20. It’s almost here! The final countdown begins.
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