Anthem of the Seas

Anthem of the Seas is Royal Caribbean's brand new cruise ship that is under construction and a member of the Quantum class of cruise ships. Anthem of the Seas will have her first cruise in spring 2015, with a homeport of Southampton in the summer and Fort Lauderdale in the winter.

Royal Caribbean changes cruise ship itineraries due to Snowstorm Jonas


Royal Caribbean has been forced to change the itinerary for some of its cruise ships due to the path of Snowstorm Jonas.

Grandeur of the Seas will return to Baltimore, Maryland, one day later than originally scheduled. The next sailing will now begin on Monday, January 25. Guests on the upcoming cruise should arrive to the terminal on Monday. A letter with additional details on Grandeur’s itinerary will be provided at check in.

Anthem of the Seaswill return to Cape Liberty in Bayonne, New Jersey, one day later than originally scheduled. The next sailing will now begin on Tuesday, January 26. Guests on the next sailing should arrive to the terminal on Tuesday during their scheduled check in time. A letter with additional details on Anthem’s itinerary will be provided to guests at check in.

Royal Caribbean will continue to closely monitor weather conditions and will update this information if there are any changes.

Video: "Leonardo's Dreams" in Two70 on Anthem of the Seas


Of all the entertainment shown in Two70 on Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas, "Leonardo's Dreams" blew me away from a visual aspect and today we have an inside look at how this film was created.

Leonardo's Dreams is a five-minute Vistarama and Roboshow display onboard Anthem of the Seas that takes a look at the ideas Leonardo Da Vinci created and turns them into reality.

The highlight of the show is a simulation of Da Vinci's flying machine that soars over the rooftops of Rome.

Top 7 Must-Dos on Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas


Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas offer so much for guests to enjoy, but of all the experiences onboard, which one stands out as the best?

Matt counts down his top seven experiences while he was onboard Anthem of the Seas to give you a look at what this new ship has to offer.

5 secrets to Royal Caribbean's North Star


Few innovations on Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas are as impressive to look at and take part in, as the North Star.

North Star is an observation pod that is attached to a giant arm on top of Quantum class ships, such as Anthem of the Seas.

North Star takes guests 300 feet above sea level and gives them views that have never been available until now.

Understandably, North Star is quite popular and long lines have been known to develop.  Luckily, we have five secrets to share with you for the best possible experience!

5. Shortest lines for North Star

In general, you will find the shortest lines for North Star on days when your ship is docked in port.

Since most guests are off the ship and exploring the port of call, there are far less guests to compete with.  This means shorter lines compared to sea days.

Lines may still exist on port days, but there tends to be ideal in the morning hours before many guests start returning to the ship after their shore excursions are complete.

4. Second shortest lines for North Star

If you need the absolute, positively best time to go for a ride on North Star with short lines, go for the first ride of the day.

Check your Cruise Compass for what time the first North Star ride will be, and then plan on arriving 10-15 minutes before that time to get in line.  

By arriving a little early, you will ensure a minimal wait.  In fact, you will likely be in the first ride given most guests start arriving after the North Star star rides begin.

3. Voom works in North Star

While you are enjoying the amazing views from North Star, you can use Royal Caribbean's Voom high speed internet to share the experience with friends and family onboard.

Just like anywhere else on your ship, Voom works throughout the entire experience, so feel free to post photos or video on your favorite social media networks or call someone on Facetime and share the experience live.

2. North Star is limited while in port

Remember our first tip about there being shorter lines while your Royal Caribbean ship is in port?  There is a small catch.

While your ship is in port, North Star is restricted in how far it can go over the side of the ship.

Experiencing North Star while in port is still a very fun experience, but keep in mind you will not move all the way over the side of the ship like you would while at sea.

1. You can prebook North Star online

Recently, Royal Caribbean started allowing guests to book North Star rides online via the Cruise Planner.

Once you have Anthem of the Seas (or any Quantum class ship) booked, log into your My Cruises section of Royal Caribbean's web site and head to the Cruise Planner.

Look for activities under the Cruise Planner and you will spot North Star.

With this option, you can assure yourself of a front-of-the-line spot to experience North Star.

Are you excited to try North Star?  Tell us about why in the comments!

Video: Dancing With the Stars Goes Onboard Anthem of the Seas


Get a behind-the-scenes look as Dancing with the Stars couples Carlos PenaVega & Witney Carson rehearse a dance from Anthem of the Seas' popular show “We Will Rock You” which they performed on a recent episode. While onboard they also explored the unique features of the new ship sailing out of the NY area.

Anthem of the Seas spotlight: Vistarama


Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas offers a lot of things to see and do onboard, and today we are highlighting one of the more impressive visual elements on this brand new ship, the Vistarama.

What is Vistarama

Photo by Moment Factory

Vistarama is a show in Two70, where Two70's iconic floor-to-celing glass windows are transformed into a "digital canvas", where pretty much any scene, real or imagined, can be displayed on them.

Two70 is a two-deck high, multi-purpose entertainment venue is located at the rear of the ship. It features wraparound, floor-to-ceiling windows that give an amazing 270-degree view of the passing landscape.

Check out this preview of Vistarama for a good example of what this show is all about.

How does it work?

Royal Caribbean utilizes 12K resolution projects (that means it is 12 times high definition) and the result is some stunning views for guests to enjoy.

Before the show starts, the sun shields that serve as the projection surfaces are rolled down to cover the windows.

Eighteen projectors are used to create an ambient surface that is 120 feet wide by 23 feet tall, in a 5:1 aspect ratio.  This is an industry first in terms of this kind of projection technology.

The slope, curvature, and surface textures of the Vistarama system require the image content of the projections to be geometrically adapted to the circumstances. The result is a projection with a total resolution of 12,480 x 2,280 pixels and a projection size of 36 x 6 meters.

The Vistarama show content was developed by Moment Factory, while the hardware set up was made possible by Amptown System Company.

What are the Vistarama shows?

Royal Caribbean routinely offers different kind of shows throughout any given Anthem of the Seas cruise and is regularly adding new ones with each new Quantum class ship launch.

In our own experience, we have spotted these shows onboard

  • Cityscape
  • Leonardo's Dreams
  • Tropical waterfall
  • The Library
  • Moon
  • Drawings
  • Under the Sea
  • Test Pattern

Why is Vistarama worth your time?

Photo by Moment Factory

What makes Vistarama so impressive a show is the visuals that can only be found here.

Vistarama's ultra-high definition displays transform the entire Two70 space and it is one of those things you have to see to appreciate.  

Simply put, Vistarama is a stunning display that is as beautiful as it is immense in scale.  

Anthem of the Seas Cruise Review


Perhaps no cruise ship other than Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas has garnered as much attention this year, and this week, I have returned from my 2-night adventure on Anthem of the Seas to share with you my entire experience.

It was a terrific experience and it changed the way I look at the Quantum class ships. Let’s talk about the many experiences, dining, entertainment and everything else inbetween on this week’s episode.

Share with me your thoughts, questions and comments via...

Show Notes

Video: Behind the Scenes with Good Morning America Onboard Anthem of the Seas


Take a look as Good Morning America's Ginger Zee and Rob Marciano tour the world's most advanced cruise ship. 

Photo tour of Category D3 Balcony Stateroom on Anthem of the Seas


Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas has a lot to offer, including a number of staterooms.  Today, we will look at the category D3 balcony stateroom and take you through the cabin to give you an idea of what to expect if you book this category.

On Anthem of the Seas, we reviewed stateroom 6266, which is located on Deck 6 forward, fairly close to the elevator bank. Entry to the room is by RFID scanner, which is above the door handle.

Walking into the room, you will immediately see the light from the balcony shining ahead of you.

The bed is joined together but can be split apart if need be. There's a large, flat screen television across from it and two night stands on opposite sides of the bed. Access to the balcony is also on the other side of the bed.

Across from the bed is a widescreen, high definition television.

Beyond the bed is a large sofa, with desk and chair opposite it.  This is where the bulk of the indoor living space is located and the room offers a good amount of space to navigate between objects and other guests.

A D3 stateroom features a full bathroom as well with stand up shower.

Of course, the reason to book this stateroom is the balcony.  

At 55 square feet, the balcony is average for a Quantum class ship and it has enough room for two chairs and a table.  It's enough space for two people to comfortably enjoy the view and ocean air.

Top 10 Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas hidden secrets


Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas is a very impressive cruise ship, offering lots to see and do, which means you will not want to miss any of it.

We present our list of the top ten hidden secrets and gems that you should not overlook if you get the chance to sail on Anthem of the Seas.

10. Solarium wicker couches

We love a comfy spot to sit back and relax, and on Anthem of the Seas, you will want to do just that in the wicker couches found in the Solarium.

These wicker couches are starting to be added to other ships (we first spotted them on Oasis of the Seas), but they are extremely comfortable couches that can easily accommodate two guests that makes for the perfect spot to watch the ocean, read a book or just take a nap.

9. Thermal spa pass

Royal Caribbean's Vitality Spa has always been the perfect place to indulge in a little, "me time," and on Anthem of the Seas, you will find one of the best ways to relax ever in the thermal spa.

Guests can purchase a pass to the thermal spa for $99 per person ($179 per couple) that gets guests access to

  • Heated stone chairs
  • Rainforest shower room
  • Infrared sauna
  • Steam room

The price quoted is for the duration of the cruise and is not just a tremendous value, but also a great way to forget all of your troubles.

8. The "Hershey kiss" chair

If you want to score points for taking a selfie in the coolest chair onboard Anthem of the Seas, check out this chair that reminds us of a Hershey Kiss.

Located in the Via, near Vintages Wine Bar, this chair is a large pear shaped chair that has an opening for one or more guests to jump in and relax.

The chair is more show than function, but we dare you not to take photos of yourself in there to share with others!

7. Pressed penny machine

Located in American Icon Grill is something we have never seen on any other Royal Caribbean ship, a pressed penny machine.

What you do is take a penny, stick it in there, rotate the lever and the machine presses and stretches out the penny and imprints a souvenir Anthem of the Seas decoration to it.

The machine costs 51 cents (50 cents + the penny you will use for the souvenir).  You have your choice of having the penny show one of four designs

  1. North Star
  2. American Icon Grill
  3. SeaPlex
  4. Anthem of the Seas

For kids, this can be a very inexpensive souvenir and something fun for them to do!

6. Stowaway piano player

At any point in your Anthem of the Seas cruise, guests may find a piano player hiding somewhere onboard that plays a special set for anyone that can find him.

The idea is there is a piano player with a far-out piano that will move around the ship and perform for guests but encouraging guests to not report him.  

The piano is no ordinary piano.  It has hidden compartments and functions and can dispense various things, such as lollipops for kids or appear to overheat because of "intense" piano playing.

5. Wing viewing areas

Looking for the best view of Anthem of the Seas? Then you want to check out the wing viewing areas that are located all the way forward, near the Solarium.

There are wing viewing spots on both sides of the ship, and they are small platforms that extend away from the ship, giving guests amazing views every time.

These wing viewing areas are perfect for sailaways or just getting a great photo of Anthem of the Seas.

To get to the wing viewing areas, go all the way forward on deck 14, then walk through the Solarium all the way to the front and go left or right to find a door that leads to them.

4. Best chair in Two70

Two70 is a transformative space onboard Anthem of the Seas, which fuses highly advanced robotic and projected technology with live performances.  

It seems like there is always something going on in there, and we found the best chair to sit in.

Located near the large glass windows is this hanging pear shaped chair that is perfect for lounging.

It also gives you the absolute perfect vantage point to enjoy the view of the ocean that Two70 is well known for providing.

3. Meat plank from Jamie's Italian

Jamie's Italian specialty restaurant is a real winner with guests, who continuously report back glowing reviews of the food offered here.  If you are wondering what the best thing is on the menu: it is the meat planks.

The menu is comprised of Jamie’s Italian Famous Plank piled high with cured meats, pickles and tempting cheeses. It is perfect for sharing with everyone at the table and you will really find it is the perfect way to start any meal at Jamie's Italian.

2. Solarium swing

On Quantum of the Seas, guests could enjoy a swing in Two70, but on Anthem of the Seas, the swing has found its way to the front of the Solarium.

Hop on the swing between swims and enjoy the best view from the front of the ship as you gently rock back and forth.

Not only is somewhere fun to enjoy the view, but it's yet another great idea for photos.

1. Fresh baked cookies in Windjammer

In general, it is hard to pass up cookies, but on Anthem of the Seas, you will find freshly baked cookies in the Windjammer that are an absolute must-try.

I'm probably not breaking any new ground by telling you freshly baked cookies taste really, really good.  But I can't ever recall finding freshly baked cookies available on a Royal Caribbean ship.  Until now!

In the breads section of the Windjammer, you will find crew members putting out their latest creations but you really need to ask them for some fresh cookies because they are absolutely amazing.  Like beat your own grandmother to get one amazing.