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DVR Alert: Planet Green to air mini-series about Sovereign of the Seas in drydock

12 Jul 2011

Planet Green is planning on re-airing a series, "Drydock: A Cruise Ship Reborn",  that looks at the Sovereign of the Seas experience in drydock from a few years ago.  The five part series will air on July 14th at 9am and  all five episodes will air consecutively through 2pm.

The video looks at Royal Caribbean's efforts to overhaul Sovereing of the Seas in the fall of 2004 and was originally produced for the Travel Channel.

Throughout this five-part series, tune in each week to see us attempt to completely refurbish every stateroom and suite, the two main dining rooms, Windjammer Café, Viking Crown Lounge, Casino Royale, disco and main showroom. But that's not all. We also planned to add a pizza parlor; a lounge, nightclub and outdoor music area for teens; a Latin-themed lounge; a coffee bar and ice-cream shop; a conference center and business service office; sixty-two balconies for our suites; and we wanted to expand the ShipShape® Fitness Center and full-service Sovereign Day Spa!

DVR Alert: Oasis of the Seas special on National Geographic Channel

25 Jun 2011

Quick programming note, National Geographic Channel is set to re-air its special hour long look at the construction of Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas called "Man Made: World's Largest Ship", so be sure to tune in or set your DVRs to record it.

  • June 30 @ 9:00pm Eastern
  • July 1 @ 12:00am Eastern
  • July 7 @ 5:00pm Eastern

DVR Alert: Man-Made: Ultimate Cruise Ship - Freedom of the Seas

06 Aug 2010

Set your DVRs (or VCRs if someone actually still has one) for Sunday night to check out National Geographic Channel's series "Man-Made", where they will take a look at the Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas ship.

Freedom of the Seas debuted in 2006 as the worlds largest cruise ship: a fast, fabulous floating city with nearly 6000 people on board almost every day. Freedom has a reputation for everything thats bold and beautiful, and her first New Year's is set to be an extravagant celebration with a week of intense preparation leading up to the biggest ever New Year's Eve party at sea. She is equipped with the technology to handle almost anything: rogue waves, hurricanes, terrorist attack and even contagious diseases - threats no captain can ignore. In the lead up to the big bash, Freedom and her crew of nearly 1500 will not only battle the elements but also a full complement of eccentric guests. The first New Years Eve on the worlds biggest cruise ship: plain sailing or a nautical nightmare? This is the inside story.

Remember how I said to set your DVRs? Well that's because it's airing on the National Georgraphic Channel at 2am on Sunday, August 8th.  I don't know about you, but I'm not usually up that early/late, so I'll opt to record it instead.  Here's a quick clip from the episode.

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