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Royal Caribbean cruise ship rescues 18 Cubans

19 Mar 2016

Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas rescued 18 Cuban migrants off the coast of Florida on Friday morning, following a 22 day journey at sea for the migrants.

The United States Coast Guard reported the rescue by the Royal Caribbean ship, which unfortunately also resulted in nine deaths prior to the resucue.

Brilliance of the Seas spotted the raft while on her way to Mexico, west of Marco Island in Florida. The migrants on-board suffered from severe dehydration, the Coast Guard said.

"Our deepest condolences to the families of the nine people who recently did lose their lives," said Captain Mark Gordon, chief of enforcement for the Coast Guard's 7th District. "Unfortunately, tragedy is all too common when taking to the sea in homemade vessels with no safety or navigation equipment. The dangerous waters of the Florida Straights can be unforgiving for the unprepared on ill-advised and illegal voyages."

Royal Caribbean cruise ship rescues Cubans on raft at sea

23 Nov 2015

Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas rescued a group of Cubans that were spotted at sea on Sunday morning.

Daily Mail reports the Cubans were spotted in a makeshift raft and taken onboard until the US Coast Guard arrived to take custody of them.

Independence of the Seas is on a 5-night Western Caribbean cruise that left Port Everglades, Florida on Saturday.

Royal Caribbean cruise ship rescues Cubans on raft at sea

18 Oct 2015

Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas rescued seven Cubans from a small raft at sea on Saturday.

Royal Caribbean Blog reader Keith Hect was on Freedom of the Seas and reported that the ship picked up the Cubans during their cruise.

Photo by Ron Lodowski

Local10 also confirmed the report and shared video of the rescue.

Videos by Desiree Stovall

Another guest onboard Freedom of the Seas reported that the group of Cubans had been out to sea for 10 days with nothing but "small amounts of water and crackers."

The United States Coast Goard coordinated the rescue with the Royal Caribbean ship.

Royal Caribbean cruise ship helps rescue Cubans

26 Mar 2013

Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas assisted two Cubans that were adrift in the ocean on Sunday.

The two Cuban boaters signaled for help, and the crew of the Liberty of the Seas responded by picking up the stranded passengers.

Originally, Royal Caribbean said they picked them up. But later issued this statement, saying: "The two Cubans did not board the Liberty of the Seas, but were retrieved by a coast guard vessel."

The Coast Guard said they picked up the two men from the cruise liner and found they have legal status in the U.S. They took them to the border patrol offices in Marathon, where their legal status were confirmed, and they were released.

Royal Caribbean ship rescues Cuban refugees

11 Jun 2012

Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas rescued Cuban refugees afloat at sea twice on this past Saturday.

The first rescue was of five Cubans on a raft in the Atlantic Ocean.  According to reports, the Cubans were given food and water while being transferred to the United States Coast Guard.

Another group of Cubans were reported rescued as well later that day by Allure of the Seas.  No comment by Royal Caribbean at this time.

Royal Caribbean cruise ship rescues Cuban refugees

09 Apr 2012

Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas rescued 23 Cuban refugees during a cruise last week near Jamaica.

The Cubans were originally from the Manzanillo and Bayamo areas and were trying to reach Honduras but had been traveling in their makeshift boat for three weeks.  The group was spotted with binoculars the approximately 14ft boat bobbing four miles away.

Crew aboard Oasis of the Seas donated clothing to the people before they were turned over to Mexican immigration officials.

19 men and four women were brought on board the Oasis and kept in the conference room on the third deck until the ship docked in Cozumel, Mexico on Thursday.

Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas picks up 9 Cubans at sea

16 May 2011

Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas picked up 9 Cubans in a small boat while on their way back to Florida.  

Royal Caribbean spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez said in a statement that eight men and one woman were spotted in a boat near the northern tip of Cuba at around 2pm on Saturday. The Cubans were brought on board and given food, water and medical treatment.  The United States Coast Guard picked up the Cubans after a few hours.

The rescue was announced to cruise passengers by the ship's Captain while it was happening.

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