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Kudos to Park N' Fly


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I wanted to post this because I can never say enough about this experience.  It did involve me cruising to Mexico with RCCL so I believe that this man deserves a WOW even though he is not a RCCL employee. Let me set up the scene:


My wife and I arrived at the Park N' Fly lot in San Diego and were running late to board Mariner Of The Seas for our Mexico Cruise.  We scrambled to get into the Shuttle from the lot and raced to the terminal to board. We made it with 45 minutes to spare (Yes I worry too much) and began to relax and walk around the shops on board when my wife points and says "Isn't that the same camera that you just bought."  There was total Panic on my face as I realized that in my haste I forgot and left my Camera bag on the trunk of my car. This bag had two new cameras and three others that cost approx. $5000.  We were still in port but were leaving San Diego as we got on our cell phone and frantically tried to call the Park N' Fly lot to ask them to look for my camera bag.  An attendant at the lot went to our space and could not find a bag anywhere around our car?  Our Cell Phone stopped working so we went to the concierge to see if we could use the ships phone.  The concierge ask us if we looked in the ships Lost and Found?  I explained to him that I left my bag on the trunk of my car and that I did not misplace it on ship. To my surprise my camera bag and everything inside was delivered by the Shuttle driver to the pier when he returned to the lot and discovered it on the trunk of my car.  He knew the ship but didn't know my name so he dropped it off at the terminal.  I was able to retrieve my bag at the Lost and Found on board and this man saved my cruise experience and I regained my faith in humanity.


The only sad part to this story is that I never thought to look at this man's name tag and I was never able to find out asking Park N' Fly corporate. I was told that many of their shuttle drivers service many Lots and it would be difficult to find this person.  I wish I could repay this man somehow but I will forever tell this story in hopes that he will see it and know that I truly appreciate his efforts in returning my Bag.  This is what WOW was meant for!   

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