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Free beach in Bahamas?

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We are going the same cruise with you. I look for the free beach as well but after reading the review from Cruise Critic about the free beach that changes my mind. So We booked Pearl Island instead. It is $90 per person and it includes lunch. A lot of great review about Pearl Island.

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48 minutes ago, Littleredhen1970 said:

Do you have to book your free iFly, the big globe thing, and wave runner in advance?

You don't have to, but I highly recommend to so that you will have a spot (for iFly and North Star). Flowrider you just show up for.

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8 hours ago, Littleredhen1970 said:

Hi.  I am going on Anthem of the Sea during the week of Thanksgiving.  Is there any free beach access where you can rent jet skis by the hour or half hour?  Also,  Do you have to book your free iFly, the big globe thing, and wave runner in advance?



My post earlier was for Nassau Bahamas. After I read your question again, I not sure you mean Nassau Bahamas or Coco Cay Bahamas. Coco Cay, RCI owns the Island so the beach is free and I think you can rent a jet ski. Yes, iFly and North Star have to reserve in advance. However, online booking for both iFly and North Star already close. I could not reserve them either so will need to reserve them when I onboard.

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Just now, Littleredhen1970 said:

It’s free or nothing.  We do have CocoCay.  Hoping to rent a jet ski.

There is a free beach in Nassau by catching the taxi to the local beach. I cannot remember the beach name. If you google " free beach or local beach in Nassau" it should come up. You know people posted their own experiences and it did not sound great for me such as a dirty beach, got rob and broken glasses on the beach. There will be 5 of us on this cruise, me, my husband, my 6 years old son, my mother in law and my father in law so a younger kid and older people with us, I definitely will not take them to the local beach. If I not wrong I think @monctonguy went to a local beach in Nassau before and he said is ok for him. He might give you a better feel about the free beach in Nassau than me. Ping @monctonguy  

Anyway, I opt to pay for excursion instead. Most excursions are expensive in Nassau either you book on your own or through the cruise line. CocoCay is great for everything from beach, snorkel, view and of course jet ski. I will suggest booking your jet ski ahead on your cruise planner, it might cheaper than when you there. this is the link from RCI website but it should also be shown on your cruise planner. 


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From my research on trip advisor, here are the options for free cheap beaches and great snorkel


Goodman’s Bay/ Cable Beach

East Cable Beach - 10 min bus(looks like a van)/Walk to McDonalds bus stop Bus #10 West $1.25pp waive to Jitney Bus driver. Exit at Goodman’s Bay Park area - Sea turtles, stingrays, fish, shells, starfish, jetski rentals - 

Melia Cable Beach Exit at Melia resort, enter beach west of the resort through public access - No resort access / $35 day pass

West Cable Beach Exit at Sandals resort, enter beach west of the Sandals resort through public access - 2 chairs+umbrella for $20 through local vendors - No resort access


Saunders Beach - 5 min bus, Clean washrooms and showers, gas station, pizza hut, kfc  and beer store across the street

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