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  1. It’s free or nothing. We do have CocoCay. Hoping to rent a jet ski.
  2. We are a group of 14 with 5 kids: boy 15, high functioning autistic girl 14, 2 girls 12, another girl aged 6 but more like an 18 year old. Also a 2-year old boy. My and my girls are SO excited (the 14 and 12).
  3. Okay. When I went on my honeymoon 20 years ago, we went to the beach in front of the Atlantis. They were still building it. We even went inside to use the bathroom. I am sure this isn’t the case today.
  4. Hi. I am going on Anthem of the Sea during the week of Thanksgiving. Is there any free beach access where you can rent jet skis by the hour or half hour? Also, Do you have to book your free iFly, the big globe thing, and wave runner in advance? Andrea
  5. I am going on the Anthem Thanksgiving Cruise. In the Bahamas, do you have to pay for beach access? And are there places along the beach where you can rent jet skis for a half hour or hour? Also, are there jet ski rentals on Cococay? Andrea
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