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Hi everyone. My wife and I are going on the November 25th cruise to the Caribbean on Anthem and she has a question about the pool chairs. She has arthritis and has a hard time getting up from low chairs. Do they have regular sitting chairs rather than the lounge chairs? From any pictures I've seen all I see are lounge chairs. 

I also have a question about using the towels for shore excursions. I know you can get towels but is there a time limit to return before they charge you the $25.00. Can I keep them for as long as I need them so long as I return them within the same day?

Thank you for any advise you can give me.


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Anthem has a lot of tables and chairs around the pool areas, including the Solarium.  However, if memory serves me correctly they are in the covered areas of the pool deck.  IE on the outside edges, which is why you probably don't see a lot of pictures.  If someone is taking a picture of the pool directly, the tables and chairs would be behind them when they took the shot.  

You can keep the towels as long as you want, they do not have to be returned that day, but why would you keep an old wet one in your room when you can get a new one the next time you go to the pool?  The only limitation is 1 towel per sea pass card at any given time.  

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6 minutes ago, Pima1988 said:

The only limitation is 1 towel per sea pass card at any given time.  

Unless things have changed since my last cruise or is tied to a specific ship, I've always been able to get more than 1 towel to a sea pass.  We travel with 4 kids and I've never scanned each sea pass card.  I'll get 6 towels with 1 card especially for shore excursions and its never been a problem.  Just make sure they scan in the towels when you return them both at the pool and for shore excursions. 



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On Anthem last yr they made us show a sea pass.  Hubby went to get 2 for him and I, they only gave 1.  I had to go back and show my card. On Enchantment the yr before we could take multiple towels.  It might be each ship, or it could also be the person on duty.  Just saying, for us on the Anthem last fall, for everyone in our group (10 people), we all had to show our sea pass card to get 1 and only 1 towel throughout the cruise.

Personally, I will probably bring my own beach towels on this cruise.  I will still use their pool towels, but I'd rather take mine with me for many reasons.

1. Chairs on the pool deck.  Easier to see my chair quickly than from a sea of powder blue towels covering chairs.

2. If I forget to pack up my beach towel,  I am not out 25 bucks for theirs.

3. They are bigger than the ones RCL offers, and really take up very little room in my suitcase.   We drive to the ports, so I am not worried about luggage costs compared to someone that has to fly.


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