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Does Explorer have a thermal suite?

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When I was on the Explorer 2 years ago, they did not. There was a large whirlpool in the spa/gym area, along with a sauna and steam room. All of which was free. Not sure if things have changed though.



Thanks Mel for the reply.. I'll continue to have some hope as something may have changed while in dry dock. I'll give you an update after the cruise.



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I have had trouble getting information about the Thermal suite. I hadn't even heard about it until a few weeks ago and I am a D+.


Is this just one more of the many well hidden secrets that RCI loves to keep for some reason ? I need to provide some information for a periodical that I write and I just cannot find anything !


I would like to know what, exactly the Thermal Suite package includes, which ships it is available on and how much it costs. I have been unable to get ANY kind of information - even from Royal Caribbean !


I just do NOT get why they have these programs that they SELL and they are so poor at advertising them ! Hopefully this new marketing guy that they stole from Carnival will improve.

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I find it impossible to find the info out but I suspect Mel is right as I generally find a vague reference online in somebody's blog or postings. The thermal suites I've been in are mostly a steam room, sauna, heated lounge chairs (tiled) and showers with effects like tropical rain. On average I can spend 2-3 hours in them each day. It's moly oasis and I love that they don't advertise them as I hate crowds. Most of the time I'll have it to myself with perhaps a couple of people max. They do a daily rate or a pass for the whole cruise. I think daily was around $20-25 and a weeks cruise I seem to remember being about $130. The best ship was Celebrity Solstice but the best rccl cruise ship I've been on is the Radiance. Allure was disappointing. I'm looking forward to trying the one on Ovation but I'm hoping they change the design from the other two quantum class ships as the heated beds appear to have high windows behind them which makes no sense. There is nothing better then laying on a heated lounge watching the world go by!

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