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Enchantment of the Seas 9-24-18


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Family just got back from a short cruise to the Bahamas. Wife, and my 19 month old.

Anyone know if Enchantment is Set for some maintenance? She looked rough, a lot of visible rust, some of the railings were missing with barriers out around. The balcony partition was rusted out at the bottom. 

Our suite AC would not bring the room down as cool as our friends in a Balcony. They tried the entire cruise to fix it but said it was as cold as they could get it.

if anyone has an Infant and is considering using the nursery services, I highly recommend it. We used it twice during the cruise, and it was the first time my child has been to any daycare service, she loved it. They gave us a little report card when we picked her up explaining everything that she did and they really seemed to care. 

I also noticed that the hamburgers and steak on this cruise were much better than my previous cruises in the recent years. 

Overall, any cruise is a good cruise! Looking forward to our 8 day in March! If anyone has any questions about the cruise or CoCocay,Nassau let me know I’ll try to answer! 


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We are cruising on Enchantment on Oct 15th for my parents 50th wedding anniversary.  10 of us in the group/family.  I hope we dont run into any of the recent issues I have read about. My husband and  I havent cruised in 15 years (our 1st) and this will be a first for my kids (24, 19, 18).  Praying for calm seas as well.   Love all the info everyone provides on the message boards!


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