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Q,, Chops Grille reserved,, Giovanni's Table reserved,, excursions over the next couple of weeks,,but for some reason, the onboard entertainment is not only a state secret, but it keeps telling me it's too far out, and to wait til I get on board. Does anyone know how to find out what to look forward to on Navigator this year ? Shows ? Comedians ? Magicians ? Clowns ? Why are they so secretive about the entertainment ? Hell, I was able to look at the menus of the specialty restaurants.

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Keep in mind that the menus shown in the Cruise Planner don't seem to be current; you have to go to the main website and look at each restaurant. My Cruise Planner shows the old (better?) Chops' menu, for instance.

I've never stepped onboard in over 20 cruises knowing the entertainment. Some in suites have luck by contacting the concierge, and there may be other ways to find out, but it's never been that important to me.

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I don't think Navigator has any reservable entertainment ?


Most of the RCL ships don't ... exceptions are Oasis and Q class for the most part.

This is correct. Don't expect to find anything to pre-book online for Navigator

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