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A New Experience For Nassau Bahamas!


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Hello All! 

I know many of us have been to Nassau Bahamas, quite frequently, and some are bored with that port, and end up staying on the ship.

 This past February, my husband discovered a new place in Nassau called Jet Simulation Of Nassau, they opened up about a year ago.

They have a 737NG simulator, that is just like the plane Simulators, that real pilots train on.

They have a very extensive data base of airports and locations that you can take off and fly from.

For my husband’s session, he chose a 90 minute session with two locations, Dubai & Saint Maarten.

They also have real time weather conditions, depending on where were you select to fly, whatever is happening in that location is the weather that you get. You can also request a certain Weather condition, if you prefer to challenge yourself flying in a thunderstorm or something like that. 

They have spectator seats behind The captain and Co-captain seats. It is fun for the passengers to have this experience as well.

I have Never been able to sit in a cockpit during a flight, until this point.

They are located in “The Pointe” right next to the British Colonial Hilton. 

I have walking issues sometimes however,it is about a 10 minute easy walk from the ship. 

I highly recommend, this one of a kind experience next time you visit Nassau Bahamas!!!













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