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Sunken dreams

Allure of the Seas 9-2 to 9-9-18

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I decided against a daily blog of the Allure as this ship was so very close to the Oasis of the Seas. Instead, I will call out what I think are the main differences I noticed. 

The good:

entertainment - overall a step above the entertainment on the Oasis.

Mama Mia was the Broadway show on board. I think that because I grew up with the music of ABBA I enjoyed this show better than Cats, the Oasis Broadway show. 

Headliner show - Ronn Lucas was the ventriloquist act. He was good and very funny. 

Blue Planet production show - good but I thought it had so much more potential. The effects were great but the lack of story dropped it down a bit for me.

The bad - 

The food- bad isn’t the correct word, but the selection seems thinner and more items I have enjoyed in the past are disappearing.  New items are not showing up to replace them, just repeats from previous days pop up on the menu more.

the Coke machines- my big complaint.  On a ship this big it is just wrong to sell soda packages based around coke machines that are almost always behind locked doors. Four in the Windjammer that are inaccessible when it is closed, or even when open, two are unavailable because that side is closed.  One in the Wipeout Cafe that has very short hours.  Two in the Promenade 24/7 but usually with at least one out of much of its product and in need of service  the number of machines is probably about right, placement is bad.

The Other- itineraries: I wish there was greater variety of itineraries  Out of our three stops, I only bothered to get off the ship in Puerto Rico.  St Maarten and Labadee are one time visits for me.  I know everyone is different and this is very subjective.  I do look forward to my June Amsterdam cruise for new destinations.  

The ship overall is in good shape  no complaints there.  I had the internet “surf and stream” the whole cruise.  I Speedtested it multiple times and consistently got ~3mbps.  Not blazing fast but it’s in the middle of the ocean so no complaining from me  I consistently got notifications from my security system and the video loaded after a short wait.

I didn’t see the rude passengers we have encountered in the past.  The school year kept the children to a minimum.  Elevators were rarely packed and when it was busy people seemed willing to pack a few more on.  

Overall, I would rate my week on the Allure of the Seas a solid 4/5.  Oasis class remains my favorite.



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