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St Kitts Train Ride

Al Horner

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We are going to see St Kitts for the first time during our May 2019 Symphony cruise. I saw the train ride and thought it looked pretty interesting. Has anyone else done it and did you enjoy it? It is my understanding that it can only be booked through a cruise line. Available shore excursions for St Kitts haven't been made available on Cruise Planner yet. Does anyone know if the train ride is offered on other RCL ships stopping at St. Kitts? Thanks!

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We loved the train ride! It was nice and relaxing. It is 2 story and we opted to ride in the lower level because it has A/C.  The down side to that is you do miss some of the scenery. If we go back, we will ride up top. 

They served a nice rum punch and they had a choral group that moved through the cars singing. It was nice.

I recommend bringing a nice camera because the ocean views are breathtaking. 

We booked ours though RCCL, I'm sure when it gets closer to your sailing, it will show up. I have found that a lot of sailing have much fewer excursion listed because the lines are negotiating with the tour companies. They drop the low performing ones, or the ones with lots of complaints  That is a very popular excursion so I'm sure it will show up..  

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I've done it and enjoyed it.  It's pretty low key so if you are looking for a high energy party experience this isn't it.  Suitable for kids of all ages. 

It's very unique as they claim its the the only operational train in the Caribbean.  I sat upstairs the whole time.  It's covered so you don't bake in the sun.

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