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40th birthday cruise


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I will be celebrating my 40th birthday next year, May 2016. As a cruise newbie and loving it, I would like to take a cruise to celebrate my bday. So I am looking for suggestions.

Our first cruise was on the Enchantment of the seas and I love it, but we would like to sail another ship if possible.



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Summer cruises can be tricky though because a lot of the inventory heads to Europe. The only short cruises out of Florida this summer are on the Bahamas runs .... nothing headed to Caribbean. I think May is the "bridge" month though so you might be able to find some deals.


Personally I would recommend Brilliance is she is still around for May, Radiance class is a little bigger than Enchantment but still has a very similar vibe and it would give you a 4/5 nt Caribbean option instead of the 3/4 nt Bahamas on Enchantment. Indy is also a nice choice for a 4/5 nt Caribbean, much larger vessel but very similar itineraries.

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Wow....there are really very few options for the shortie (3 - 5 days)cruises in May 2016 (if you want to stay in the US). It looks like Enchantment(FL), Anthem (NJ) or Grandeur (MD) are your only choices. As you have already been on Enchantment and want to try a different ship, it looks like Bermuda is going to be your only other option. As JTI mentioned, if you are willing to go a little EARLY (April) then you can catch the Brilliance out of Tampa, but waiting until May is really going to limit your options. ...or if you would want to go for 7 days that also opens up many more options.


Bermuda is a beautiful place. I wasn't sure I would actually enjoy Bermuda and I put that cruise off for YEARS. I was very pleasantly surprised when I finally went there. The water is even more beautiful in Bermuda than in the Caribbean if you can believe that. One warning. Bermuda cruises are a little pricey, IMO. As everything is expensive in Bermuda, my guess is that the port fees are very high there and that is why those cruises seem to be overtly pricier per person/per day than almost any of the Caribbean itineraries. It is definitely a good option though, if you are going to stick with May. It is different from going to the Caribbean, but very nice. Things are very laid back and there is none of the Caribbean hustle.


A lot also depends upon what you enjoy doing. If you are WAY into beaches and water activities, Bermuda in May may not be a particularly good option. I can't tell you for sure b/c I was there in August, but I would think that it may still be a bit cool for water activities in May.


I have not been on a Quantum class ship [Anthem] (no particular interest, TBH) and the Grandeur is the same class as the Enchantment so you wouldn't be getting anything new there.


Just a few things to think about

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