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St. Thomas, Curacac, and Aruba

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Hi Everyone,


I'm going on my first cruise in May and my family has me looking into and booking excursions for us all. Our group will have 8 adults and a 12 month old. I have some ideas about what to do in St. Martin so far but I could us a little help with the other stops.


In St. Thomas I was really looking into or at least thought that is looked fun for everyone Blackbeard's Castle or Coral World is there any other tours that would be fun to do? Or must sees.


For Curacac  Liqueur Factory Tour and the aquarium.  Are they worth the visit? I also have seen some mixed reviews about Hato Cave. Take it or leave it? I'll take any suggestions.  Thank you so much.

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Welcome to the blog and to your new addiction.  They are both wonderful !!

This is a very unusual itinerary, but one I'm sure you will enjoy !  Which ship and embarkation port ?

For Curacao (my favorite Caribbean island) I recommend that you just walk around the old fort ruins, walk across the floating bridge and take a couple of tuc-tuc tours.  They are so much fun and the city is so interesting.  Aruba is beautiful but not as interesting (IMO) as Curacao.  

I give this advice to every new cruiser so forgive me if you've read it once or twice or twenty times.  Whenever we visit a new port for the first time, we always just take a familiarization tour (usually by bus or trolley) to get an overview of what is there.  Then, when I return to the port (which I always have) I will know what I might want to go and see a little more closely or spend more time.  Curacao has a lovely little train tour (I think they call it the Choo-choo) but you must book it ahead of time; you cannot wander up and catch it without a reservation.  Almost anything is fun in Curacao. It's so quaint.  I find the overall island tours at St. Thomas to be particularly enjoyable (any one of them that includes the Mountain Top as a stop, anyway).  There is also a sky tram in St. Thomas that is worth doing once.  Beautiful views.  St. Maarten is one of my least favorite islands and that is made even worse by the unfortunate, recent storm damage.  A lot of things are still less than fully recovered there.  We enjoyed an ATV excursion in St. Maarten once but that is not appropriate for a 12 month old so probably not an option.

Funny....in all the times I've been to Curacao I didn't even know they had an aquarium !  I'm sure it would be fun.  Don't have a recommendation though.

Enjoy your cruise !

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For Curaçao sea aquarium is ok. Of u are a beach person i can recommend porto Marie. (Beach pics) Grote(voted best caribbean beach a few times) and kleine knip. If you are looking die specific things i can probably give info on a few things Just pm me(cruising freedom march 3 so might be a while till my response). In 2006 i did a 6 month internschip on the island and been there 3-4 Times since the bocas are great first picture






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