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Toddler Care on Anthem of the Seas

Jackie H

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We are set to sail in September a week after my twins turn 3.  The camp that is for 3 and up requires your child to be potty trained.  I am hopeful my daughter will be ready but I have concerns about my son because he has development delays.  Since he will only 3 yrs 1 week, do you think it is possible to have him go to the daycare with documentation from his dr or therapists?  Any advice on the childcare for 3yo's would be appreciated, I have never traveled with children before and would like some adult time besides having a sitter in our cabin.  Thanks

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My son has autism, when he was three they allowed him to go to the nursery because it was more his speed at the time. This last cruise he was four and we talked to AO staff and they waived the potty trained requirements and allowed him in the AO program. They gave us a pager if he had an accident or had any issues. Go to the AO staff first day and talk with them. They are great and will work with you. 

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