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Beach/catamaran/island tour?


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Our family would like to do a variety activities including a visit to a beach with parasailing/jet ski rentals, a catamaran snorkel excurion and an island tour with beach stop. Our stops are Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Any advice on which activity I should plan for each port?

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8 hours ago, rjac said:
8 hours ago, rjac said:
  20 hours ago, 41m33 said:

St. Maarten

Randomwind.com  and http://soualigadestinations.com/soualiga_destinations/Welcome.html:27_sunglasses:

Second both of those suggestions, especially Soualiga Destinations (disclosure, I'm booked with them in March).

However, you'll need to contact Random Wind as their ship was sunk when Hurricane Irma (Maria?) struck the island. Hopefully by the time of your cruise, they'll have recovered the ship and made her sail-worthy again.

Soualiga lost 3 of their boats, but had 8 left to keep their business going. Depending on the timing of your trip, they may end up being the better (only?) option.

Also, both of those excursions sell out really quickly, so you'll want to contact them and arrange booking well before your sail date.

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1 hour ago, JLMoran said:

Random Wind as their ship was sunk when Hurricane Irma (Maria?) struck the island


Yes the Random Wind was destroyed during Hurricane Irma, that's the bad news. The good news is they have purchased a 53' catamaran, are in the process of getting her ready and will be taking charters out mid February.  They are also having a "name the new boat" contest, you can see it on heir face book page. 

My family and I are booked with Random on the new boat April 5th. Looking to have a great time!:27_sunglasses:

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