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Central Park balcony or Promenade room?


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I only get to choose from those two, huh? Hmmm...


The Promenade cabin would likely be cheaper in general, but I get a Diamond balcony discount, so the Central Park balcony might win out in terms of cost. (I just checked and for a particular cruise I selected, the Central Park balcony with the balcony discount was about $100/person cheaper than the Promenade cabin.) So, that swings the pendulum to the Central Park balcony.


In addition, I get a balcony to enjoy some relaxing time while listening to the sounds and music from Central Park. I also get natural light during the day.


So, Central Park balcony wins.

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For the same money probably the Central Park, Balcony with natural light beats the view of the mall.


Assuming any kind of cost differential though I would take the Promenade, did the Central Park Balcony on Allure and weren't impressed. Might have been bad location, might have been cabin design in general but the room felt small, there really wasn't anything to see (Except other people on their balconies), etc.

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