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Very disappointed with our cruise at the end of July ...seems that the Accountants have been deciding what makes a profitable cruise

Only ONE english speaking channel on the cabin TV ....whats with all the German / Austrian speaking channels ??????? (American ship starting and finishing in Southampton ENGLAND !!) No film channel on cabin tv either

The films being shown on the big screen were poor...same 4 or 5 films for the whole 2 week cruise ...and the quality of the copies when shown in the theatre were so poor it was like watching a pirate copy ....until the last night when 2 completely NEW films appeared ...Whats that all about ????

Kids running amok up on top deck at night...no sign of Security or ship staff

Very disappointed....this isnt a cheap holiday

Standards have dropped alarmingly




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I returned from a Southampton round trip on the Navigator on Sunday and didn't experience anything like you've described.  It's a shame you had such a bad experience.

I don't recall many non English channels on the TV, but to be honest we didn't really watch TV in the cabin so I may have just missed them.  We didn't watch that many of the theatre or poolside movies either but the ones we did see were fine, in our opinion.

There were some kids running around at night and as frustrating as that is, that can happen anywhere.  I did however see security watching them like a hawk.  Saying that, I don't remember seeing Security anywhere else on the ship over the week.  I'm sure they were there but I must have been oblivious to it - probably because there were no other times I felt like I wanted their presence.

You're right in that this isn't a cheap holiday and as consumers we have certain expectations, which should be met when those expectations aren't unreasonable.  If you feel the TV and films were too repetitive you could contact RC to see what their reasons are.

I hope this hasn't put you off RC too much.  I haven't used any other cruise line but have looked and we always come back to RC because of what they have to offer.


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Very strange, but I by chance noticed that most of the TV channels were OTE (other than English) when on Navigator this past March from Miami.  I shrugged my shoulders, as if the TV is on for me, 99.9% of the time its on the bow cam/info channel.  


Had a fantastic time.



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