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Canada New England shore excursions

Goldie 2001

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We did that itinerary out of Bayonne. In Boston, we walked the Freedom Trail.  LOVED IT!  We walked past Paul Revere's house, saw the old North church, the Boston harbor (where the Boston Tea Party was) and so, so much more.  If you like American history then this is a great tour. In Maine, we went on a boat tour in Nantucket.  It was nice, but the best part came after the boat tour.  We had free time to walk around Nantucket.  We wandered into a local restaurant, sat outside on the dock and ate a fresh lobster dinner (lobster caught just 2 hours prior).  It was cheap and delicious.  Enjoy your cruise!

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Only really did 2 excursions on mine ... at Bar Harbor we did the Acadia National Park tour with a stop for a full lobster lunch and in Portland Maine we went to the "Portland Headlight" lighthouse. My favorite thing to do on this cruise was to try and eat a lobster roll at each port. Had some great ones, but I think my favorite was in St. John at this little place that was directly across from the ship - Steamers maybe? 

Also, while not an excursion I went on my own while in Boston and took a tour of Fenway Park. If you're a baseball fan it was awesome! Well worth the price at 2x what they were charging for it. 

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