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A few questions about the refreshment package. I've never been on a cruise and will be going to one in a few months.

I usually drink like a camel at night before bed so I would probably breakeven just with water alone, but am I allowed to get 10-12 bottles of water a day?
I also drink about 4-5 cups of coffee a day. 

I'm not sure what this refreshment package offers, is it unlimited non-alcoholic drinks? or is there actually a limit to how man drinks I can get in a day.

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In terms of getting bottled water, I don drink as much as you do, but I would ask for 4 bottles, two for me, two for my wife, and I was told more than once, I can only ask for 2 bottles at a time.  That was on one ship and i'm not sure about other ships.  Just know they may not give you more than 1 or 2 bottles at a time.  

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