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Bottomless Galley Brunch

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Think of it as having breakfast in the main dining room with an expanded menu but before you eat you get a tour of a large commercial kitchen.  Some parts of it are interesting, but I think kids would get bored quickly.  They do have some nicer food items though, like cheeses, shrimp, etc.  Kids attending would be totally fine, it's not adults only.  My wife and I did it on our last cruise, it was just ok for us.  We wouldn't do it again.    

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We just got back, and did the Galley Tour on the Oasis. It was fairly interesting (ours was of the Deck-4 Main Dining galley). Our 12 & 14 daughters went along and found it to be OK. The brunch at the end was actually VERY good.

But you might want to wait until getting on the cruise. They came by our MDR table on Day 6 at lunch and offered it to us for Day 7, but also included dinner that night (Day 6) in the Solarium Bistro (which was GREAT), for $35/person. So, that seemed decent for tour, brunch, and specialty dinner.  Not sure if that offer that deal on every trip.

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