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Is checking in for others in your party possible?

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I plan to check in as soon as it’s available to grab an early boarding time.  Since I have two other cabins for my grown children linked to my credit card will I be able to check in for them at the same time? I understand that they will be to add their travel information later. Thanks.

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Hi @Orlasmom!

Yes, as mentioned, their reservations must be linked to your Cruise Planner/online account. You may need some basic information (some info carries over from when the reservation was booked), but as you mentioned, you can have them update for accuracy at a later time (eg. Passport info, security photos, telephone numbers). You can fudge it!

Usually, we select "Naturalization Certificate" as the proof/documentation (when I don't have the other folks Passport info) so you can advance through the screens to get to the last page for selecting the boarding time window. I handle the check-in for all other parties usually since some of them can't stay up past midnight... LOL! 🤣 

You'll be able to go into each reservation individually OR once you click on one of the links to check in, you'll see that all linked passengers will appear and you have the option to complete one at a time from that screen. Here is what the main page will look like (before check-in is open):





Here's a past post on the topic... I attached a bunch of screenshots including the actual check-in windows and what screens to expect... 


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Agreeing that your reservations need to be linked, but in the app ONLY, you can select arrival times for everyone on the linked reservations without entering anything else. They can then go in at their leisure and fill in everything else.  I did this last night for 7 people in 3 linked cabins.  Took less than 2 minutes from opening the app to done.

Screenshot only shows 2 but the other 5 are there & look the same.


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