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Aft facing crown loft suites on HOS

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Our two previous cruises have been midship deck 11 on Oasis class. I’m debating on splurging on crown loft suite on HOS in May. It’s sort of a celebration of my wife’s soon retirement and mine a year and a half ago. I’m curious about the ship movement and the rear higher room. Forgot to state these were rear facing. 

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i am prone to motion sickness and have yet to feel sick in a crown loft suite.

whether that was because we were on such a large vessel, or near the aft of the ship, or that we had a side facing (ocean view) — never any issues. 

now, being on a lower deck, closer to the front of the ship — yeah. felt that, big time. even on an oasis class ship. 

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We got the RoyalUp to a CLS on Harmony last year and had one of the aft facing.  Really thought it would be more of an issue and it was not.  You can still see out to the water and it is pretty open.  We thought it we ever did one of the CLS we would absolutely book a side facing, and while that is still our preference it would not be a deal breaker now that we have stayed in one of the aft facing.  

Funny thing is we did the Royal Loft Suite last fall and we spent as much time or more on the aft facing portion of the veranda as the more private side portion.  

If motion is a concern, we can’t share much as we have never had an issue even with stormy seas.  If it is really rough it seems to me that you will feel it pretty much anywhere.  If you are sensitive to the ships motion it may make a difference but since the oasis class is so big it really takes a lot.


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