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Pre-cruise Star class contact

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Is there a pre-cruise Genie phone number or Genie email that Star class guests can contact prior to cruising? My husband and I have decided to splurge and get a star class room, one of the benefits we really liked was specialty restaurants are included free of charge. The crazy part is no one in the call centre knows how I can book a restaurant before we depart.

I can't book them the way every other passenger does (web or app) as there's no way to override the charge and even if I pay (and yes I did do that) and ask for a refund through their call centre they can't refund the money without cancelling the reservation. 

I understand that I can book when I'm on the cruise, the catch is all of the restaurants I want and the times I want are booking out quickly. 

I love that Royal offer Star class but none of their systems or staff are set up to service it. So in fact you get less pre-cruise options then a regular cabin guest does. 

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Is this your first Star Class? Because if so, i totally understand your trepidation, having the same anxieties as a planner. 

Please don't worry, because i could have written your exact post prior to my SC cruise and yet everything worked out perfectly. 

We only booked Star Class maybe a month out and our Genie had no issues making us dining reservations at the times and places we wanted. The ONLY exceptions are Hibachi and Chef's Table where you should book the time/day you'd like and, although charged when booking, your Genie will refund those charges once you're onboard. 

It was hard for me to get over the system not understanding that the dining package was included and that i should be able to book what i wanted. In the end, i needn't have worried at all. 

Don't worry about reservations filling up; that is what Genie magic is for. 

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12 hours ago, Carmel said:

Is there a pre-cruise Genie phone number or Genie email that Star class guests can contact prior to cruising?

Sadly no. They will contact you. You will receive direct communication (in the form of an email) from the Genie about one month prior to cruising. At that point you can communicate your specialty dining requests to them. Your genie will make sure you get the spots that you want.

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