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Best time to book domestic flights

D Alt

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Per this blog... what do you think? 

Points Guy - best time to book

For domestic travel, Berg says to begin monitoring prices three to four months in advance, booking one to two months ahead of travel.

"Most domestic trip airfare will fall between one and three months before your departure, before rising rapidly in the last three to four weeks before takeoff," Berg said. "This means there is a sweet spot where airlines will be offering lower prices on average and are more likely to offer promotional discounts and ultra-low fares."...

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I've always worked off the (past) recommended advice that flights are cheapest at approximately 54 days out. This makes sense with the article you linked. It was also recommended in the past to purchase mid week (Tuesday-Thursday), with Wednesday midday being the optimal time. I think the reasoning there was that airlines change their prices multiple times a day during the week, but Wednesday seemed to be a drop. Airlines also only change prices once a day on the weekends, so that's something to keep in mind. 

Personally, with the way everything has changed, I try to purchase airfare about 3-4 months out for availability. If the cost drops, I'll cancel the previous (refundable) ticket and book at the lower cost. I primarily use Southwest and American, if that helps.

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