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Exploring on our own in Cozumel, what are your suggestions?

Suzanne Elise

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So we are doing a short cruise and our only port is Cozumel but we spend the night there. We plan to rent a car.  I have looked at a map and have some ideas of where but what are your musts in Cozumel. We don't snorkel (yet) and will probably only do 1-2 hours at the beach. Is there an off the beaten path eating spot you like in cozumel? We like history and architecture and food and culture. This is my husbands first visit to the region, i love the food and vibe on the mainland and want him to enjoy it so we can come back for a longer trip. Thanks for your tios. Oh and it's my birthday so we are up for a fancy dinner or something special.

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If you asked 100 locals for the finest dining in Sam Miguel, I’m sure at least 95 of them will say Casa Mission on 55th Ave. 

Reservations are pretty much mandatory for dinner and you’ll want to end your meal with a Sexy Coffee; so much more fire value than saganaki; you may never eat Greek cuisine again.

Also, make sure to peek into their Tequila Room, the home of real tequila and mezcal connoisseurs. Hint: you won’t find any gimmicky bottles shaped like a machine gun.

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Wet Wendy's for sure.....cant wait to get back there in a few weeks!


There is so much to see and do in Cozumel....we just take a cab up as far as  Pancho's Backyard usually  and then make our way back leisurely stopping where ever we want to or what catches our eye... The usually cab it back to the port after wrapping up our visit to the Huge Grocery store there.

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