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Optum / Navica App

Audrey V.

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We are taking a transatlantic out of Barcelona,  and it is one that still requires a proctored test. When we took a transatlantic out of New York, we had bought two sets (4) of tests from Royal Caribbean, giving us (2) the extra two remaining tests. 

I recently heard Royal Caribbean no longer is selling or partnering with Optum, where you go on the Navica app and have it proctored while in the hotel room.  

It's no biggie since we have scouted out pharmacies that can do the test. Does anyone know if the Navica app is still available?

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We still have the Navica app on our phone from last year. You can still download the app without issue. Set up your account ahead of time and when ready to begin the test, just scan the QR code on the box (don't open it), connect and go. We're using these for our Odyssey TA on the 31st. Very easy process and no appointments necessary.

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Thanks. We are reading the Navica app now. Seems like since our first purchase of the proctored test, they now sell a self reporting. DH will be happy since we have carefully carried these boxes (unopened of course,  and within the temperature range) throughout a backpack trip. Would hate to think that we Schweppes them for naught.  

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