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Solarium Dining

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Hello everyone, I'm going on a cruise November 12th and as I was looking at the dining restaurants on the APP I don't see Solarium. I see all the other restaurants, windjammer, main dining in the APP but no solarium. Would anyone know if that means that there will be no Solarium dining on my cruise? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Strange--I booked dinner on the Solarium on my cruise in January (Oasis) and now when I go on to try to add another reservation or change the one I have, I can't do it. I then got an email saying my reservations for that dinner is now canceled. 

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Are you on the Oasis 1/15/23 sailing? If so they have added a Yeshiva Week  Kosher dining package. All meals in the Solarium Bistro

will be Kosher . Cost is $420.00 pp and only those that purchase the package can use the Solarium Bistro. I only found out about it

last week when they added that package to specialty dining in cruise planner. No notice from royal. Original flyer I found had Harmony and Wonder.

Now I saw in blog (Dining) that they switched to Oasis.

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