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Travel Insurance Claim Follow-Up


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We've had little time to do anything other than work since our cruise on Liberty a couple weeks ago, but I did want to follow up on our claim with Allianz for the expenses we incurred staying an extra night in Dallas due to weather related flight delays.

On September 6th I filed a claim for two hotel rooms (for one night), food for four people, and one extra day of parking.  We received communication today that a check was mailed yesterday, 9/12/22, for the full amount of our claim.

We bought a OneTrip Premier plan for the four of us traveling. Total cost was $384 for two people in their early 30s and two in their early 50s. 

The documentation I submitted for the claim was pdfs of the emails from American Airlines telling us of the flight delays due to weather, pdfs of the hotel bills for each room, and jpgs of the receipts for our food that night and the parking receipt from the airport where we left our vehicle.

American Airlines told us that they were not liable for any of our extra expenses because the delays were due to weather.  We even pulled the "traveling with two adults with autism" card, but it didn't help.  Their solution was for us to take the delayed flight from DFW to DCA and figure a plan out when we arrived there....at 1 am.  Instead, we got them to agree to let us change our flight to one leaving from DFW the next day for no additional cost.  This allowed us to get rooms by DFW early in the evening as well as eat a decent meal and get a good night's sleep.  Even better, the replacement flight we were able to book was non-stop.

Knowing we had travel insurance to reimburse the extra costs made a stressful time a bit easier.

I frequently see posts here asking about the need for travel insurance.  My wife and I believe it's worth it.

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