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Cancelling/changing reservations?


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I pre booked dinner for 4 at chops. I want to change to Giovanni's. I know I can cancel and rebook in the planner. Is there a phone number to try and get them moved and get a refund? I can't rebook and wait for the full amount to refund, I'd rather move it now without repaying right now of that makes sense.



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Even if you call, they will process this as a cancel and a new booking.  You will temporarily be tying up the money from both bookings until the refund fully processes.  Sorry, there's just no move option.  Once on board, they might be able to do this by giving you on board credit for the difference but by then, the availability will be different.

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56 minutes ago, Xaa said:

You'll get your refund in a day, maybe 2 back to your card.  Royal is quite good that way.  They say may take up to 14 days, but in my experience it has been fast.

Agreed. I've done several repricings this year of dining and drink packages etc.. While it may have taken up to 3 days to show up online on my credit card, the credit from Royal has always been dated the day that I did the actual transaction (or maybe once the day after when I was repricing later in the day). 

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