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What kind of bags will porters take

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How much luggage can I bring onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship?




Each guest is permitted to carry a reasonable amount of personal property (including luggage) aboard the vessel; however, for your comfort and convenience, it is recommended that you limit the number of pieces you take. Each guest has the option to carry their luggage on board or check-in luggage prior to boarding. Luggage may include suitcases, trunks, valises, satchels, bags, hangers containing clothing, toiletries and similar items. Here are some recommendations for packing only cruise essentials.

We recommend that guests personally carry any boarding documentation such as passports, visas, citizenship documents and family legal documents plus all medications. To minimize the potential for diversion or loss of medications, we advise that all medications remain in their original, labeled prescription containers.  It is also advisable to pack at least three days of extra medication in the event of an unexpected change in the itinerary of the voyage. It is also a good idea for guests to pack a small carry-on bag with a change of clothes, and bathing suit. That way they don't have to wait for their checked bags to arrive in their stateroom.

Luggage may be locked only with a TSA approved lock.

Any carry-on luggage must be able to fit through the x-ray screening machines. These machines vary in size from port to port, however generally they are similar to those found at airport security check points. Guests wishing to carry their luggage with them during boarding should note that their stateroom may not be immediately available to store their luggage.

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I take my dive bag with equipment on our Western Caribbean cruises and I zip tie the top draw string and put a luggage tag (the plastic ones with a steel cable) and have never had an issue. I have seen them take duffel bags, soft sided roller bags and cases of water with a luggage tag taped to it. So they will take almost anything.

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