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First timer - Bayonne NJ Port help!

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Hi, we are cruising for the first time (ever) this summer. Our ship (Adventure of the Seas) is leaving from Bayonne NJ. My question has to do with parking, and meeting up with family members who are cruising with us. Specifically, my elderly father is being transported by my brother from upstate NY, and we are driving in from Philadelphia. Is there an easily identifiable spot where we can meet my brother at the port for the hand-off? *It has to be at the port, after we park our car (we can not meet my brother somewhere else and put my father in our car as we don't have room for him). Suggestions?


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It is easy to find people outside, as Peter sad.  But if your father is going to need any assistance from you I'd recommend getting there 30 min earlier than your brother to make sure you are out front when he pulls up.  They most likely won't let your brother hang out waiting for you, it's very much a keep moving situation with cars in the drop off area.

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Looking at the Cape Liberty website, you shouldn't have an issue picking him up in the private car pickup zone. 

"Private Cars
Pick-up Zones 6 – 10 are clearly marked along the main building and are designated pick up areas for private cars."


Here's a quickly made, port map overview for Cape Liberty which might help.

Cape Liberty Terminal Approach Layout.png

Cape Liberty Terminal Parking Layout.png

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29 minutes ago, ranchlady403 said:

Flying in the day before into Newark.  Any suggestions for safe hotel for 1 nite? 

When we looked at map - it looks like it is mostly an industrial area.  How about restaurants?

Sailing 9-1 Adventure....

Holiday Inn Meadowlands Secaucus and Hyatt Place Meadowlands at Secaucus are great options! It is a safe area with lots of restaurant choices and shopping. Really easy access to the turnpike which will get you to the pier in 20 minutes.

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